Monday, December 21, 2009

We got SNOW!!

We got SNOW this past weekend! We hardly ever get snow around here so everyone was so excited about talking about it when we heard on the news that we would get some. A lot of people were hesitant b/c a lot of times the weather people say we're going to get some, and we dont.

Friday morning we woke up and we were getting freezing sounds like big chunks of ice. Arnold went to the grocery store real quick and got us some stuff we needed. He decided to just stay at home that day. The weather then said 100% chance of snow, and that we could get alot. A little later that morning it started snowing hard. It was so peaceful watching the snow fall from the window. The kids were SO excited, they loved watching it too. The older kids have only seen snow twice in their lives, and of course it was was Rachel's FIRST snow :)

We hung around the house and just rested. It was fun to have Arnold home on a weekday :) It stopped snowing for awhile, but then it started back up bigtime that afternoon, and kept on all day and evening. The snow was covering EVERYTHING by around 3pm. Brooke wasnt taking a nap, so we decided to take her out to play in it for a little while. We took Rachel out for about 5 minutes to see it, but she started crying because it was so cold. Brooke had a BLAST.. she ran around, laid in the snow, made some snowballs with Arnold and even threw one at me! :-P

Unfortunately Caleb was napping while we were outside and didnt get up till it was dark outside, so we figured it was too cold to take him out. He didnt miss much though, he doesnt really like the cold to begin with. When we got back in, Brooke decorated a gingerbread man cookie and then attacked it, she really liked it :) Rachel developed a bad cough.. i felt bad at first because i thought she had gotten it from going outside, but now i figure she couldnt have gotten it from being out there for just 5 mins.. obviously she picked up some germs somewhere.

So anyway, we were stuck inside ALL weekend long. Our church services were even cancelled. So i got a bit of cabin fever. I hate it when i cant get out of the house for several days in a row. But it was nice to rest. I am currently weaning off my antidepressant, so i guess it helped to be inside all weekend dealing with the sideffects-- I have been feeling pretty tired, moody and getting headaches :( I just hope i feel normal again soon! Sunday i DID get a lot of cleaning done though, so I guess it was good I was stuck inside :-P I found something useful to do. we also got hooked on the show GLEE This weekend. Id heard a lot of people talk about it, but we had never watched it b/c we dont have cable. Well we watched a few episodes on HULU and now im hooked! I love all things musical. I guess ill have to buy the DVD when its released :)

We were going to go to Morganton to see the Christmas light display last night.. but when arnold went down the road to pick us up a pizza he wrecked the front of the van. He hit a curb real hard and knocked something off.. im not quite sure of the name of it.. but we're going to have to get it fixed. So anyway-- we didnt make it to see the lights last night. But we're planning to go either tonight or Wed. night, so its all good. :)

Heres a few Snow Pics...

Rachels 1st Snow! :)

Brooke had a blast!

She started shoveling snow, haha :)

Daddy and Brooke making snowballs :)

Arnold had to wear that silly facemask :-P

Brookes gingerbread man cookie

She seemed to really like it :-P

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