Monday, December 21, 2009

Rachel is 6 Months Old!!

I cant believe it, but Rachel turned 6 months old this past Friday! She is HALF A YEAR old! I just cant get over it! Where did the time go?? :(

She is doing so much! Just a few weeks ago she rolled over for the first time. She seemed really shocked, and excited about that :) Now shes sitting up on her own for a few minutes at a time. She uses her hands for support and leans forward, its so cute :) She also is babbling a lot more. She is such a social baby! She loves "talking" to people and she imitates people too. Our newest game is i will stick my tongue out and she'll copy me and laugh, its so fun :)

This past week we tried her on baby food for the first time-- just the rice cereal stuff in a jar. She seemed real excited at first. She made a huge MESS of course. After a while she got tired of it though. Im sure she'll like fruits a lot more, because of the sweet taste :)

Heres a few recent pics of Rachel..

Her Gymboree Turtle Sweater, i love it! :)

Shes always smiling :)

Her OH DEER shirt ;-)

Holding her head up so well :)
First taste of baby food :)

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