Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun Saturday

Saturday morning I met my friend Joanne in Hickory and we went Christmas shopping. I havent been out shopping in forever since ive been dealing w/ all those anxiety issues and havent done good in public. Well i was happy that i did so well.. even the big crowds didnt bother me! I guess im making progress :) Anyway, we went into Kohls first. I found a few things-- an "R" ornament for Rachel (the bigger kids already have an ornament for their names) and a few teether toys for Rachel. I also found a monkey frame for my nephew. Next we went to Target.. everyone knows how much i love Target and im shocked that i came out of there with only 1 thing-- tights for Brooke! Haha, she needed some new ones. I was going to buy some more christmas presents but just couldnt decide on what i wanted. So oh well. Next we went to the mall. We went into Spencers and I found a shirt i just HAD to get Arnold. We went to Hot Topic and I looked at all the JACOB stuff, was tempted to get a shirt but didnt :) Then we went into Jack & Jills and I got Brooke a monkey necklace. Lastly we went into Walden Books. They are going out of business actually, so the whole store was on sale. 20% off most things. I found a book for Arnold..and got a magazine for me, and a Rock Painting kit for my neice. Im sad they are going out of business, because Ive always loved shopping in there. :(

That evening Arnold and I dropped ALL 3 kids off (that was nice!) And went to a young-adult get-together at a friend from church's house. We had a bunch of appetizer foods, like pigs in blankets, sausage balls, and all that good stuff. Erica had made this AMAZING cake, it was so good! If i keep eating like this im going to gain a TON of weight, haha. Anyway, after we ate we played this game called Apples to Apples. It is SO much fun. I am a big nerd and love playing games-- id never played this one before, but id highly recommend it. :)

And surprisingly enough-- I dont have any pics from saturday! I know, i know.. everyone jokes at how many pics I take from every possible life event I can.. but I forgot my camera ;-)

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  1. Apples to Apples is so much fun! I love that game! Glad you're doing better with your anxiety!