Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hickory Winterfest 2009

I forgot to post about this past Thursday. There was this thing at the Hickory Square called "Winterfest." That night they keep the shops open a little later than usual, hoping to get people in to buy gifts. The whole place is lit up w/ Christmas lights.. and Santa was there, and they had hayrides for the kids. There was also a jazz band. Anyway, one of the guys in Arnolds' band.. his GF is a singer, her stage name is Ashera (i think thats the goddess of Love or something like that..) But anyway, every year she gets paid to set up and sing Christmas songs in front of the Hickory Wine Shoppe. This year she asked Arnold and this other guy in the band, Skip, to play guitar for her. So I went out there that night to see him play. The kids stayed behind at the grandparents' b/c it was COLD and WINDY that night! IT was like in the 30s i think, maybe even the 20s by the time they were done. I was in like 3 layers and a scarf and still freezing my butt off! But i went to see Hubby, so it was worth it :) They did really good.. and they seemed to get a lot of people come and watch and the Wine Shoppe got a lot of business that night, so I guess thats good. After they were done Arnold and I stopped by dinner at Ihop before we went back and picked up the kids. So it was basically a date night for us! It was a great night.. just wish it had been a TAD bit warmer ;-)

Here are a few pics I got that night..

Arnold getting ready

The Singer, Constance

Arnie, Eric, Skip-- having beers between sets :)

My honey and I in the Wine Shoppe :)

On the way to dinner-- still freezing! :)

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