Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday we went to *another* Birthday Party. This one was AWESOME. Seriously one of the best ive been to. It was my friend Ashleys' daughter Kadence's party who was turning 4. (the sibling of the boy who had his party Friday night-- they were born in the same month) Anyway, Ashley did a CANDYLAND party, and she really outdid herself! She worked for MONTHS on this party.. she handmade the lifesize Candyland game board... which the kids LOVED... my kids wanted to grab at all the candy, which as mostly fake, lol. Then she had 2 craft stations set up, to make gingerbread men notepads and candy necklaces. She had an icecream buffet set up with a million different toppings. They had a candy bar w/ tons of diff kinds you could pack up in your treat box. They had a huge bounce house set up for the kids to play on. There was a game set up w/ the smaller kids with prizes. There was pizza, cheeseball, chips, drinks and other stuff for the adults. And she had little gumball machines already filled with gumballs, with balloons tied to them, for the kids' party favors! The kids also got to take home their little plastic icecream dishes with them. My kids had a BLAST. :)

Here are a few pics from the party

The handmade Candyland Board

Icecream Buffet

The Awesome cake!

The gumball party favors

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