Monday, December 28, 2009

*Rachel has her First....

TOOTH! We finally saw it in her mouth, on Christmas Eve, while we were at church, actually. Its her bottom one. I felt in there and she bit me, its sharp! No wonder shes been so fussy lately, and chewing on everything and DROOLING! LOL! Anyway, we were expecting it to be right around now, b/c her brother and sister got their first teeth around the same age.

She also said her first word: DADA! Arnold was so happy to hear it :) All 3 of the kids' first word was that. Oh well, its ok.. the "d" sound is easier to make than the "m" sound! Rachel will say MAMA eventually ;-)

She is doing so much better with sitting up, too. we keep practicing and she will sit up longer and longer periods of time now. She is actually sitting up earlier than Brooke and Caleb did, so i was surprised :)

Heres a few pics of her from the past few days...

In her dress she wore to church yesterday

Spending some time w/ daddy :)

New PJS :)

Look whos sitting up! :)

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  1. So very cute. Johnny's first word was DADA as well...and I was a bit jealous even though I taught it to him! But now that he is older and says I LOVE YOU MOMMY that means everything in the whole wide world.

    New to your blog! Come on over and see mine and follow if you would ike. Nice to "meet" you!!!