Monday, December 28, 2009

*Christmas Eve, 2009*

We usually go all our family get-togethers on Christmas Eve. So that morning we went over to my inlaws' house around 11:30 am and had lunch. My MIL made the whole get-up.. turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, rolls, tea, etc. It was so good! After we ate we opened presents. I got Pjs, a bracelet, and a Walmart GC from them. The kids got a ton of stuff, new Vtech laptops, clothes, pjs, shoes, socks, huge playdoh packs, new videos to watch, books.. Brooke got hairbows and tights, and Caleb got some toy planes. They also both got underwear and new sipcups! Rachel got clothes and a cloth book and the Fisher Price Glow Seahorse.. she sleeps with it every night now :) It was a fun afternoon.

That evening the kids stayed with their grandparents and we took Rachel and went w/ my parents, brother and Grandpa to church for the candlelight service. We only made it halfway thru, though, b/c Rachel wouldnt stop crying. She usually does so good in church, but she had had such a long day and was overwhelmed. Poor thing kept getting woken up when she had fallen asleep.

After we picked up the kids we went over to my parents' house and had our traditional dinner that mom makes: lasanga, salad and garlic bread.. sooo good! Then we opened gifts with them. I got new black boots, they are sooo nice! I also got some VS lotion, lipgloss, socks, and some other things. Arnold and I got some GCs to go out to eat, we think we're going to save the Carrabbas one for our anniversary next month :) My brother got us a Target GC, everyone knows how much i love that store ;-) The kids got an awesome Art Easel with a big box of all kinds of art supplies and paper-- i think that was their fave. gift this year. They also got some clothes, pjs, socks, books, and little stuffed animals. Rachel got a Leapfrog Tag toy, a Crayola ball drop toy, and a teething book. Needless to say it was hard finding places to put all the new stuff! We didnt get home till after 9pm that night and I was EXHAUSTED. Thankfully the kids went right to sleep!

Here are a few pics I got...

Lunch w/ the inlaws

The kids with their new laptops

That evening at Grandma and Pop Pop Sears' House

Rachels Gingerbread Christmas dress :)

With her presents :)

Checking out a new toy

The kids helping their grandpa open gifts

My mom and I :)

My new boots! :)

Arnold and Caleb trying out his new Hotwheels racetrack

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