Wednesday, December 9, 2009

*Busy, Fun Weekend*

I realized I hadnt updated this thing in awhile, so I thought i would today. This past weekened was really busy but fun!

Friday evening the older kids went to stay w/ sitters and we took Rachel and went out for awhile. We took some stuff to Once Upon a Child to try and get some quick cash... we did pretty well. Then we went to get some dinner at Taco Bell.. Arnold loves that place and ive begun to like it more and more :-P Then we went to Target to buy some formula and walked around for awhile. Then we went to Blockbuster and rented 2 movies- The Ugly truth and Night at the Musuem 2... both were pretty good movies. lastly we stopped by Krispy Kreme and each got a doughnut... I know, so bad, but soooo good :-P

Saturday we didnt do much... Arnold left for a few hrs that afternoon to practice w/ his band. They are going to be playing in the Hickory Square Thurs evening (its a Christmas thing) That evening we went to Arnold's Uncle Dwights house for a Family Christmas Party-- they have one every year. We had a good time.. they had some good food! Ham, green beans, veggie tray, casseroles, deviled eggs, tea,and lots of good desserts, yum! :) The kids had a great time playing w/ all the other kids. Rachel looked cute in her Christmas dress that I got her off Ebay awhile back.. it is Gymboree and sooo cute and I got a great deal on it! :)

Sunday morning we went to church.. we actually got Brooke and Caleb to stay in the nursery! After church we went out to lunch @ Applebees w/ the inlaws. They came out and sang to my neice Rebekah who just turned 5 yesterday. Then a little later that afternoon we went to her birthday party at The Little Gym. The kids are really starting to love that place-- theyve been to several parties there. We have yet ANOTHER one to go to this weekend :) The party was great, the kids seemed to have a good time. I ran around with the kids, acting silly. The theme was Littlest Pet Shop,and the cake was really cute.. and soooo yummy! I love cakes from Sams Club. All in all it was a great weekend. I was so happy to have a fun weekend w/ my family, and actually enjoy it-- not have anxiety and stuff. My anxiety has gotten less and less over time! :)

Here are some pics from the weekend...

The kids had just woken up from naps--they werent happy!

Rachel in her Christmas dress

Caleb and Daddy at the Christmas party

Beth, my SIL Jenn, and I at the party

My honey and I at the party <3

My Father-in-law, Rachel and I

Caleb at the Little Gym party

Brooke w/ some of her cousins at the party

Brooke at the Little Gym

Me and Rach on Sunday

Rach in her cute little dress :)

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