Monday, December 28, 2009

*Day After Christmas*

Every year my moms' side of the family gets together at my Grandpa's house in Granite Falls the day after Christmas. Everyone brings in finger foods, and we eat, and then hand out the stockings. This year my Aunt Mary and Uncle and their 4 kids went able to come into town, which was sad.. but everyone else was there. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and seeing everyone that they only get to see once or twice a year. The kids got walmart GCs, and Sonic GCs, Arnold and I got sonic GCs too so i guess we'll be making a trip over there sometime soon :) I also got a Starbucks GC.. i dont like coffee, hehe.. Ill probably just let me Sister in law have it. I also got a book and a journal from my Aunt. I already started reading the book, its pretty interesting.

Anyway, that afternoon my parents took Brooke and caleb home w/ them to spend the night, so arnold and I could go out by ourselves for awhile. We dropped Rachel off at my inlaws' house. While we were there, Arnold's cousin and her 2 kids came over, and they brought the kids' christmas gifts.. all 3 kids got new outfits, they were so cute! Anyway, then Arnold and I went out. We went to the mall first and went to Gymboree, they were having their Red Balloon sale so i got some stuff for really cheap. Then we went to Walden Books.. they are going out of business and their stuff is now 30-50% off storewide so i picked up a book, a magazine and a 2010 planner. Then we went to Hallmark and picked up a few cards we needed to get. Then we decided to go over to Target, we looked at the clearanced Christmas stuff but they had really been wiped out, so we didnt get anything. We lastly went to Ross, and I found a heart dress for Rachels 1st Valentines day, and i found her a little blanket, an Elmo DVD and a little purse, so I think im saving those as gifts for the kids, for either Vday or Easter. Then we went to get Chilis to go... it was too packed to go in! We took the food back to the inlaw's house and ate in their dining room so it was still kinda like a date ;-) I tried the fajitia (sp?) pita and it was really good. After we were done we took Rachel and went home. All in all it was a VERY busy day, but it was fun :)

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