Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Halloween Party!!

Some of you might remember the big Halloween party I threw last year. Well i wanted to have another one this year but arnold hates parties with a passion so i told him I would make it small. Then my friend Jamie asked me if I wanted to throw the party together. We have a lot of the same friends so it worked out well. And of course the party list kept growing and growing, haha! But we had a lot of fun planning it, and Id say it was a pretty good success. We had lots of food and desserts, thanks to Jamies cooking skills! I cant cook so im glad she stepped in on that part ;-) Jamie made little goody bags for the kids that looked like tombstones. And i made ghost lollipops. We had halloween music playing, and all the kids dressed up, it was cute to see them all! They decorated mini pumpkins, which seemed to be a big hit. We then played a game called Mummy race-- the kids used rolls of toilet paper to see who could wrap one kid up the fastest! It was funny to watch. We didnt think that one through though, the kids made quite the mess with that TP after the game!

All in all id say it was a really fun night, and Im glad we decided to have it. As for Arnold? I told him he didnt have to show up, but you know he did.. he cant stay away from the awesomeness of the parties ;-)

There were several Bumblebees there :)

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