Saturday, November 20, 2010

Southern Christmas Show!

A lot of you probably already know what the Southern Christmas show is, but for those who don't Ill try to explain it. Its held every year in Charlotte, at the old Merchandise Mart. They have the whole place decorated for Christmas and its so beautiful! When you come in there are Christmas tree displays, mantel displays, door displays and all these other things people designed and they were judged and won prizes. There are some very creative people out there, i was in awe at some of the displays! Then you walk thru the place and there are little shops, and booths EVERYWHERE. Like lines and lines and lines of it! Lets just say we walked thru it for 2 hours and didnt cover it all. All these vendors have things you can buy-- everything from ornaments, to pottery, to clothes, to foods, to jewelry.. its SO much stuff, seriously. The handmade stuff is the best, I love seeing all the things people come up with.

Now the not so awesome stuff-- it is PACKED. I mean literally, the wholet time you walk around you are basically always side by side or touching someone. Not good for people who are impatient or hate crowds.. which I am both but it wasnt that bad this year now that Im on anxiety meds ;-) The kids there were miserable... the lines for the bathrooms were so long and the kids had to wait. Id never ever take my kids, thankfully Arnold watched them.

Anyway, to make a POINT-- my mom and I go yearly now as a tradition. A little bonding time :) Mom came and picked me up this morning and we drove down, and parked. We had to walk a lot longer than last year. Then we walked around and we ended up buying a few things. Mom bought a few decorative things, and she bought her and I a scarf (but I have to wait till Christmas to get it ;-) And I found my dad a handmade pottery mug that said POP POP! Im so excited b/c thats what the kids call him, and I dont see many things with that name on it.. plus he drinks coffee, so I snagged that for him for Christmas :) We had a little fiasco while there-- Mom left one of her bags at a stand on accident and we were about to leave before we found out-- and we rushed back thru the crowds-- it took FOREVER to find this stand again, I was shoving my way thru people not being the nicest person, lol. The thing she had bought *was not* cheap and we were afraid it might get picked up. Well we got back and it was there, still in the exact place on the ground she left it! Now that was luck. Im so relieved we found it-- but didnt care for the scavanger hunt ;-) We definately got our exercise today.

We ended up walking around for 2 hrs or so, but still didnt see it all.. we decided to leave though, because it was already after 1:00. So after the long trek back to the car we drove to an Ocharleys and had lunch. Then mom drove back home and dropped me off. I found out that Arnold had taken the kids to Hickory Dickory Dock that morning to play, had to stop by walgreens and he bought the big kids a treat, took them to see their Grandparents, and then brought them home and put them all down for a nap! He deserves the Husband of the Year award for all that.. he is the best ever! :)

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