Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot

The other day we were outside playing, it was nice weather and a relaxing weekend day. I told Arnold to take the camera and start taking random shots, which he did.. and he took ALOT! this is only a few, some of my favorites. I know i take way too many pictures but i love to get lots of shots of the kids because they change so much, so fast! We have been wanting to go get professional fall pics done of the family, since we havent had a family pic done since last year! :( But we havent been able to yet. At least I have these, which capture the kids having fun this fall :) And if you wonder why i never have as many pics of Brooke and Caleb as Rachel, its because they wont sit/stand still long enough for me to take them! Im sure Rachel will go thru that stage soon enough.. she already starts to sometimes give me dirty looks when I bring the camera out :P

My favorite!

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