Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We had a wonderful and busy Halloween weekend! On Friday night my friend and I threw a party for a lot of our friends and their kids. Then saturday evening our church had their Trunk or Treat and Fall Festival. We had always taken the kids but never participated so we decided to do a trunk this year. It was fun handing out candy to all the kids. They also had carnival games which the kids loved playing, and a chili contest. Im not sure who's I ate but it was really good! :) I had a lot of friends show up that I had invited, so that was great. I was worried about it being really cold that evening, but it wasnt too bad at all!

Then sunday evening we took the kids out again. First we went to my parents' church, and they had a festival and trunk or treat also. They played more games, got their faces painted, and did the cake walk, which Brooke won! :) Then we stopped by my good friend Jess' place so the kids could see her and get some candy :) And lastly we went over to my parents' house and had dinner with them. Its become a yearly tradition for us to go to their house and have dinner after all the Halloween festivities.

Anyway, this year I had a Princess, a Lion, and a Bumblee! Didnt get Rachels costume till last minute b/c I couldnt make up my mind about what i wanted her to be, everything was so cute! Then i saw a Bumblebee costume at Oldnavy one night for 50% off and so I knew it was meant to be ;-) LOL that sounds like a joke. Anyway, we ran by Walmart the other day to see if they had any Halloween stuff left on clearance and was able to score Caleb a Transformer costume for next year, for only $1.80! I love deals like that. So lets hope hes into Transformers next year!

My baby Bumblebee! :)

My ferocious lion :)

My princess :)

My neice, the Bunny

Church Trunk or Treat

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