Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Girl's Night!!

I always love to spend time w/ my girls Joanne and Jackie :) We had planned a Girls-night awhile back but some things came up, so we re-scheduled for last night.

Joanne came and picked me up, thank GOODNESS because i hate hate hate driving in the rain! If anything is worse than my regular driving, its my driving in the rain :-/ So anyway, we stopped by the store on the way to get some cookies, and ended up getting to Jackies house a little past 6:00. We were going to watch the movie "Grown Ups" that recently came out on video, but they were all out, so we looked thru Jackie's HUGE selection of dvds and just randomly picked one. We ended up watching "Christmas with the Kranks" which Joanne hadnt seen before. Ive seen it several times but it was just as funny watching it again! It got me even more in the Christmas mood! I cant wait to put out our Christmas decorations now. I still cant get over that its mid-November already, thats just crazy.

Anyway, we watched the movie while eating pizza and cookies. Had a few laughs. Felt good just to relax and spend time with friends-- it always puts me in a good mood. Thanks to my wonderful husband who watched the kids last night! He fed them dinner, gave them baths, and had them put to bed before I even got home, how awesome is that?! I love him so much :)

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