Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Walking Group!

I dont quite remember how this got started, but a few friends and I have started a weekly walking group at our local mall. Every wed. morning at 9:30 we meet up in the foodcourt and walk several laps around the mall. Its good exercise! Especially in the cooler weather when you dont tend to always get as much exercise. Its so nice to get out of the house, and just be with the girls. Girl-time is the best! Im able to actually talk to adults! Small thing but makes a big difference when you are a Stay-at-Home-Mom! There are a few of us who make it just about every single week, and since we started we have added on some new people. Its funny because we start to take up the whole aisle and sometimes the older people who do their mall walking get frustrated with us and try to shove by :P Along with the walking also comes shopping of course. We sometimes stop into stores to look or buy things. Caleb HATES this part.. haha, typical guy i guess. Then we usually end up at the play area they have for kids, at the end. Now that Rachel is walking, she loves to play in there with the big kids.. its so cute! Lets hope they dont catch some kind of nasty sickness in there though, because that place is probably crawling with germs! Anyway, I love doing this every week and im glad we came up with the idea! I look forward to wed. mornings now, and im not even a morning person! :)

Connor and Rach cruising in their Strollers :)

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