Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marriage Class

I will be the first to admit that for the past year Arnold and I have had some problems. Not anything that most people would call HUGE or that we wouldnt eventually be able to get through, but its been a tough year. After going thru what I did last summer, I havent been the same since.. I have dealt with all the anxiety and we've had bills upon bills, along with the stresses of having 3 young children, under the age of 5! Thats enough to make anyone crazy ;-)

Anyway, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and this is proof-- one day we were having a big fight and hadn't spoken the entire day. Later that afternoon my Sister-in-law called me and said that she had heard of a marriage class being held at Christ Church- the Fairgrove campus. I asked Arnold if he would attend with me and he agreed. The course was called "Marriage on the ROCK."

We started 2 weeks ago, on Wed night. We found out that we would have 5 weeks of classes, every Wed. night at 6:30. Thankfully my inlaws said they would watch the kids for us while we went, and im so greatful for that. We were pretty apprehensive the first night.. we actually ended up knowing 2 of the couples there, so that made us feel a little more at ease. Turns out the people teaching the class was a couple that attends that church, and said they felt called to teach this after going thru problems themselves, and overcoming them and now they are stronger than ever. They are doing it totally free of charge and say they do it seasonally. I think that is SO awesome. And ive felt so blessed to be a part of it!

The first class went great, there were about 11 other couples in the class. They said to clarify this class was for ANYONE married, whether you are right at the brink of divorce or if you are newly married and everything is "peachy." There were people ranging in age from their 20s to their 50s. The couple married the least amount of time-- just married 2 months! :) And the couple married the longest time-- 26 years! So that proves a marriage can use some "help" no matter what stage you are at.

Anyway, the first class we got to know everyone, then watched a video. We are doing a video series, and its by some well-known preacher although I cant remember his name for anything right now!! The video went over "The most important issue of Marriage"-- and that is putting GOD in the center of your marriage! They said that so many people dont invite God into their marriage, and thats why marriages fall so quickly to temptations and problems and often times lead to divorce. After the video we talked together in small groups, and we had a sheet of questions to go over at home w/ our spouse.. kindof like homework ;-) We left feeling REALLY good about this class, and couldnt wait to return the next week.

The 2nd class I actually invited a friend and her husband to join it, and they were able to come so I am happy about that :) The 2nd class we watched a humorous video first, while everyone ate (they started bringing food since it was so close to dinner time) And then we watched the regular video, and go our questions. It was running late this time so we didnt do small groups.

Last night was our 3rd class. By now it just feels natual going, we have already gotten close to some of the people there! Everyone seems to wecoming and supportive, its great. Anyway, Arnold and I usually eat ahead of time, but last night we didnt so we ate the subs and chips they had there. We then went thru all the videos and questions. We dove into some pretty sensitive subjects last night that made me blush! But hey, its all part of marriage ;-) Last night we covered "His Needs" and next week we are going to cover "Her Needs." The leaders of the group said that HER NEEDS was going to take a lot longer to go over! ;-) I loved the lesson though, because it really gave me new insight into my husbands mind and how he thinks and feels. I hope to start applying these things right away!

Before the class I thought that alot of the stuff would be "duh" but thats not true-- we have learned so so much. Arnold and i have been doing our "homework", talking more to one another, and havent argued all week! We have learned to really respect one another and care more about each others' needs. We have given alot up already to make more time for each other. I am serious when I say that this class (along with a few other things going on lately) have helped our marriage tremendously. It came to us at JUST the right time. we only have 2 more classes left and I will be sad to see the class end. By the way-- for anyone interested in the classes, they said they will probably do another one next year! Id highly recommend it! :)

Just Wanted to Share-- Arnie and I on our Wedding Day :)


  1. I'm so glad that things are getting better for you and Arnold :)

    I hope the same happens for me and Eric.

  2. Aww, I remember your wedding!!! I'm glad the class is going so well. Its funny when things like that just sort of seem to happen at the perfect time.