Monday, November 15, 2010

Room Decorating

Since we finally moved Rachel into Brooke's room recently we decided to re-decorate the room and try to make it look nice. We have been thru ALOT with that room! It has had to be re-done scveral times. It was an "ocean life" room when it was Brookes nursery, then we redid it with a flower/butterflies theme, and now it is a theme w/ owls, birds, flowers, etc. I found the toddler bedding at Target earlier in the year and LOVED it, so i got it for Brooke. At Brookes birthday she got the matching wall decals from her buddy Izzy :) So we decided to put them up when we finally got the room re-painted. When Brooke was going through the terrible 2's and 3's she loved to be mischevious and mess with things when she was supposed to be taking her nap. So I would on various days find stuff like the border being pulled off the wall, toys and books torn up, and one day I lost it when she had colored all over EVERYTHING, the walls, windows.. oh it was awful.

So anyway, we decided to put up the wall decals this past weekend. They did not stick very well, which sucks, because they are so cute! There was a tree to make, and some birds, owls, flowers, leaves, etc. There were also a few "woodland creatures" like squirrels and a hedgehog. We also put up Brooke Hello Kitty and Barbie posters, and the board holding all the girls' hairbows (which I had no idea how many they had until I started putting them on that board!! I love to buy girly stuff! :) We cleaned the room very well, swept, mopped, and moved the furniture around. We moved some of the girls' toys in there since the living room has become overrun by toys!!! I cant wait for the day when there are no toys in there anymore. Anyway, the girls seem to love their new room and are still doing pretty well sharing a room.. they still love to have their nightly "chat" before falling asleep :) I hope sharing a room will make them close.

Brooke w/ her Wall Decals

The Matching Bedding

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