Saturday, November 13, 2010

Procrastination and Christmas Shopping

I am a BIG TIME procrastinator, always have been. I was the student in school that would wait till the night before to write a paper or do a project. My parents hated that. To this day I will wait till last minute to do things.. sometimes it pays off though, I found Rachels halloween costume this year at the last minute for half off! (there was only one left so i was lucky!)

Anyway, christmas shopping is no exception. I usually wait till last minute. But this year I have got caught up with Deal-seeking.. its my new obsession. Through facebook and forums I am on, I have been lucky to find out about lots of good deals, anything from coupons, to discounts on stuff, to free shipping deals, and so on. So i have been ordering stuff online as I find good deals and I have gotten a LOT of my christmas shopping done already! I was shopping in October this year-- dont know if thats ever happened! I already found gifts for Brookes teachers, my parents and inlaws, my Sister-in-law, neice, and a bunch of things for the kids but Im not done shopping for them yet. I love finding packages sitting outside my house throughout the week and get to dig into them and see which gift came that day :) Not to mention thanks to my friend Sarah and a deal she shared I now have all my Christmas cards ordered and they will be shipped to me next week! :)

The other day I had heard about a deal they were doing at this store in Hickory, called Tuesday Morning. They had put a lot of their toys on sale, and this weekend they were doing a deal of 50% off the sale price too, and i went in and got a wooden playkitchen for $25!!!!!!!! The same one is around $100 on Amazon! That is probably my best deal to date. I was so so so excited! I had been wanting to get the kids a new playkitchen b/c the one they have is plastic and they are always tearing it up b/c its so easy for the little doors to come off. Anyway, the kitchen is in the back of the van and I have to figure out where to store it but I am excited that we will have that for Christmas morning! Arnold has to put it together but I know he wont mind b/c he loves doing stuff like that :) Speaking of storage space, I am running out of room for gifts in my bedroom closet!!!!! Yikes.

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