Saturday, November 20, 2010

School Thanksgiving Lunch

Friday at Brooke's school they had a special Thanksgiving lunch, and all family members/friends who wanted to come eat with the kids could. So my mom said she would go w/ me and the kids. I told Brooke about it and she was so excited, we have only been once so far to see her for lunch since its hard taking Rachel in there and getting her to sit still!

Anyway, we got there at lunch-time and all the kids were already in line getting their food. They all had pilgrim hats on and were looking so cute! Brooke saw us and started smiling real big and waving.. I know I should enjoy it now b/c she will NOT like me just showing up and embarassing her years down the road :P For the meal they had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and peas. I didnt take Rachel's stroller in so she sat on my lap and ate.. thankfully she did pretty good! Brooke sat across for all her "boyfriends" as she likes to call them, and they goofed off :P I told one of the little boy's moms that Brooke talks about him ALL the time!

After we ate Brooke asked her Grandma for icecream so she went up and bought her and Caleb some. A few of the kids didnt have their parents show up for the lunch and my mom bought them icecreams, too. I thought that was really sweet. I know not all parents can get there for lunches and other special school things and I always wonder if the kids feel left out, i hate that, but I totally understand.

The kids had also made special laminated placemats with a thanksgiving poem on them, and their painted handprint on it, looking like a turkey. They gave then out at the lunch. It was so cute, I already have it on the fridge. Im seriously going to run out of room for all of Brooke's artwork and stuff she does at school! Oh and she also got her school pictures back that day and I LOVED them... the outfit I picked out turned out nice in the picture and she smiled pretty :)

Rachel enjoying icecream with the big kids :)

Brooke and her best buddy, Malachi :)

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