Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rachel's 1st Night in her Room

We FINALLY got around to putting Rachel and Brooke in the same bedroom. We had decided a long time ago when I was pregnant that the girls would share a room. We only have 3 bedrooms, so we knew theyd have to anyway. For awhile Rachel slept in her bassinet, then after that we kindof concocted a redneck bedroom in the hallway, with roomdividers and a pack-n-play, haha and thats where Rachel has been sleeping for the past several months. We had been working on cleaning out Brookes room and getting it re-decorated. Arnold painted the walls pink and my friend Natalie got her the wall decals at Target for her bday that match the new bedding we got Brooke. It has owls, birds, mushrooms, stuff like that. Anyway, its really cute! We havent finished the room but we decided to go ahead and move Rachel in anyway. When we first put her in the crib she looked really uspet and worried but she had stopped crying by the time we left the room. We kept the door cracked and from the living room Arnold and I could hear Rachel and Brooke "talking" to each other, it was really sweet :) Brooke really kept her entertained. I was afraid theyd never go to bed, but Arnold checked on them later and they were both fast asleep! AND rachel slept the whole night! So Id call that a success! I just hope it keeps up. This is wonderful so far b/c now we can clean the hallway out!

Please dont leave me!!!

Is this her way of flipping me off?! I guess ill never know

Maybe this wont be so bad...

Had to get one of Brooke too :)

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