Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Bucket List

These are some ideas I found on Pinterest that I want to try to do with the kids this month, to celebrate Halloween! Anyone else have any good ideas? Send them my way! :)
Witches Broomsticks used with pretzels and reese cups

I wonder if Brooke will let me put plastic bugs in her hair one day? ha!

Apple dippers, using all sorts of yummy toppers

Think I can convince Arnold to playing Sheldon and I play Amy???

Spider deviled eggs using olives

I am going to ask the people at the nail salon if they will do this for me!

These look like candy corn, and are made with a layer of pineapples or bananas, a layer of oranges, and then some whipped cream on top!

The kids and I can make this paper plate ghost and hang it up somewhere!

Make little gift bags for friends or classmates, using ghost peeps instead of your typical marshmellows. 

Decorate pumpkins... using glitter?!

This would make a really cute snack for the kids one day...

Draw some faces on orange cups for the kids' lunchbox one day

Decorate a pumpkin using puff paint! how pretty!

make a snack mix with candy corn, marshmellows, chocolate chips, and cinnamon toast crunch pieces.. and they all stand for something "halloween" related.

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