Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Weekend...

...I went to lunch at Olive Garden with my friend, Erika. I must go there too much, because the waitress recognized me, haha. She remembered me by necklace... I have a little dachshund necklace that Arnold got me, and she saw it and had to tell us the story of all her dachshunds :)
...I went to the 7 mile yardsale.. alone. All my friends were busy :( It is a big thing held twice a year near our house. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes not so good. There is a girl there every year that sells really cute girls' clothes, and I did find a few things.. and a few books.. and a Dora jewelry box for Rachel. But other than that, it was a bust. The other sales were either very small or very crowded. I gave up and went home early!
...We went to the school to watch the football game and watch Brooke cheer. This month they are wearing pink leg warmers in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. So sweet! But it was unbearably hot that day, so it wasn't any fun wearing them! (not typical Oct weather at all!) The Royals lost this week.. boooo. They were wiped clean actually, I think it was 30 to 0???
...We took our van to Auto Spa to get it detailed. I had been wanting to get it done forever. The inside of that van was the product of 5 years with 3 kids, animals, endless spills, toys, crumbs.. you name it and it was in there. There was even some chocolate milkshake on the ceiling.. I have NO clue how that got there! Anyway.. we dropped it off really early and they said about 4 hours. Well.. it wasn't done until 8 hours later, and it still wasn't technically finished.. they knocked some of the cost off. They had to give our carpets double treatments, and everything was still wet when we got it back. And they couldn't get the "racing stripe" off. But I was pleased I guess.. most of the stains were gone, and everything vacuumed and it smells GREAT! Now I am not wanting anyone to get in it!!!
...We tried the new Frogurt that opened up at the mall. It was ok.. but pretty small area and they didn't have as many yogurt options as sweetfrog. They didn't even have chocolate.. which I get every time! OR the little chunks of brownies :( But the kids had a good time.
...Arnold and I dropped off the kids Saturday night and went to a friend's 30th birthday party. His wife surprised him.. he had no idea we would all be at his house that night! We hung out in the yard and talked with friends, cooked out, and had cake. It was a lot of fun!
...Arnold and I also decided to get a date out of that night since my parents had the kids ALL night.. so we went to the movies. We saw "We are the Millers." It was HILARIOUS. I was laughing the whole time. It was a movie basically about drugs but it still somehow found a way to be heartwarming.. hard to explain.. but if you get a chance.. go watch it!!
...I worked in the baby class sunday morning. We ended up with 10 kids-- two years old and under. It was crazy! One little girl didn't want me to put her down, so she stayed glued to me the whole time. It is TOUGH to get up to a standing position with a kid in one arm.. after you have been sitting down on the floor for awhile! Maybe I am not so young anymore??? But anyway, we survived.. and the kids were pretty good to us ;)
...We went to take part in the Pro Life Rally that was going on, on a major highway near where we live. Since I work at the Pregnancy Care Center on Thurs evenings, they asked all the volunteers to come out if they could. We all got to pick out signs, and I picked the one that said "Adoption is the Loving Option." :) I thought that was fitting, considering my past :) The kids went with us too, and held signs up until they got bored :) It was a really neat time together as a family. I loved it when cars would go by and honk at us or wave.. I got chill bumps everytime! It feels GREAT to stand up for something you believe so firmly in!
...I snuggled and held Rachel a lot this weekend. Poor thing started getting hoarse.. to the point you could barely hear her by the end of the weekend. She also has a runny nose and croupy cough. She sounds pitiful and it breaks my heart!
...I helped mom out in Toys R Us, picking out gifts for the kids for Christmas. The big kids are big into legos these days, so we got a few of those sets.. a Lone Ranger set for Caleb and the Cafe for Brooke. We found Rachel an art easel. It was a "hot deal" this week for only $20 (originally $46!) She LOVES to draw and paint these days, so it was a great pick for her. They also had Monster High dolls on "hot deals" this week so I got Brooke another of the characters. I think soon we might have all of them...
...I watched the season finale of Hot in Cleveland. Anyone else watch that show? Hilarious! I love that Betty White is in her 90's and still so active and funny! I just love her! I can't believe what happened at the end of the season.. can't wait for the show to start up again!
3 generations of Deal men :) Caleb, his daddy, and Paw!

The cheerleaders sitting on the sidelines at the game.

Halftime. I don't think any of them are doing the same thing! But they sure are cute! 

Erika and I at Chase's bday party. Must have been a "pink" day :)

Some of the people lined up at the Pro Life Rally

Me holding up my sign. I stood there for an hour and held it proudly!

Out to lunch at the Hickory Tavern, while waiting on our van to get finished.

They sat us at the table under the DMB poster! I was happy! ;)

Mom took this pic of us at their house on Sunday, while picking up the kids.

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