Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday



~I'm loving that I felt like SUPER MOM on Monday. Arnold went into work really early, so I got all the kids up, dressed, fed and ready by myself AND got them to school EARLY! Then I went and did the weekly grocery shopping. Then I did a lot of cleaning around the house. Then I helped the kids with their homework. Then I cooked dinner for all of us. Then I got the kids ready for bed and tucked in while Arnold went to band practice. Busy day, but it was fun! :)
~I'm loving that I got to have dinner with my friend Erika, AND lunch with my friend Cori, in the past week. I love girl time!
~I'm loving that we got to help celebrate my friend Jackie's son's birthday at Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a great time and I love how they can run around crazy while Arnold and I sit down and talk, since they have the security thing in place.
~I'm loving this saying that my pastor said in this past week's message. "Faith is acting on something that you won't understand until you see it in reverse." Deep stuff! Isn't that the truth?? How many times have I had to act on faith, not knowing how it would go, but knowing it was the right thing to do.
~I'm loving that there is less than a week until "Allegiant" comes out! (last book in the Divergent series) Anyone else reading this series? It is amazing!
~I'm loving that both Brooke and Caleb made 100's on their last spelling tests. Well, Caleb actually made an 102 since they have bonus words in his class :)
~I'm loving that we went as a family to the pumpkin patch this past weekend! More on that in another blog :)
~I'm loving that mom sent home some of her homeade manicotti the other night with us, and we heated it up and had it for dinner! My parents are the BEST cooks. I wish I had inherited that skill from them ;)
~I'm loving that Brooke is now in the virtual world. There is a game online for kids called Animal Jam, and you make a virtual animal and go to all these worlds and play games, etc. Her BFF is also on the game, and they sit on the phone and talk while playing on the game. Sometimes I have had to kick her off the computer because she had been on there too long! (that is the bad thing-- I now have to fight my 7 yr old for the computer! ;)
~I'm loving that Arnold was such a sweetheart and a help last night. I was feeling awful yesterday (sinuses or allergies or something) and Arnold took the kids to brooke's cheer practice so I could rest.. AND he came home and helped Brooke out with his homework. He is an amazing father and husband-- I can't say it enough!
~I'm loving that yesterday was a "good mail day." I had lots of goodies in there. 2 things I had bought lately (a scarf and some personalized christmas labels), 3 magazines that I subscribe to, and an American Girl catalog.
~I'm loving that I have lost 5 lbs!!! I weighed myself Monday, and was pleasantly surprised. I have been working hard for the past 2 weeks. I am trying SO hard to stick with it this time. I have a lot to lose, thanks to a medicine I'm on (weight gain is a side effect, and its been hard to lose!)
~I'm loving applying for jobs online lately. I really hope I can find one to work at for awhile, at least until I start back to college in January. Anyone know a place that is hiring right now???
~I'm loving that we have a fun weekend coming up! We are going to the kids' fall festival, to Brooke's ballgame, and to celebrate my mom's birthday. Mom is also making the kids a special Halloween meal this weekend.. she likes to celebrate everything! (that is where I got it from!!! :)
A few recent pics to share...
Arnold and I at the Pregnancy Care Center Volunteer dinner

The kids at the last football game

Brooke and her friend Emma at the game

At Chris' birthday party

Isn't his cake adorable?! The kids love Mario these days too!

Opening gifts! I love how happy he looks in this pic! :)

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