Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap


~Friday was my mom's birthday! Since she is off on Fridays I was able to take her out to lunch to celebrate. We went to Libby Hill first, but they were doing some remodeling or something, and were closed, so we ended up at Chili's. Which is fine with me, because I got my favorite potato soup!! I had put together a cute little gift for her.. including an infinity scarf, a halloween bracelet, a bath and body works candle, a book I knew she'd like, and a "mason jar" tumbler in red (her fave color!) she seemed to like everything and we had a great time.
~Friday evening I took the kids to their school's fall festival. All their teachers were there working at it, and we got to chat with all of them, so it was fun. My SIL and neice came out to have fun, also. They had a lot to do. There were inflatables for the kids to jump on, and lots of games to play, and prizes to win. On this one game, Caleb was the night's first "big prize" winner! Then inside they had food and slushies to buy, so the kids wanted some orange slushies of course. They had an auction set up in the library.. all the classrooms had put together baskets with donated goods. I put a bid on a Scentsy basket and a basket full of chocolate.. but lost both! :( Oh well, my intentions were good! Mom went w/ me and helped me with the kids, since Arnold was with the band playing at a rehearsel dinner.
~Saturday morning we woke up to fog and rain, which wasn't any fun. By the time it was time to leave for Brooke's game it was only drizzle, so we went anyway. You know southerners and their football-- they take it seriously! Brooke was seriously peeved she had to go, she was frowning and complaining most of the time, bit I think she still had fun! AND our team won! Can't wait for homecoming this Saturday!
~Saturday afternoon we went to a local Christian bookstore. They were having "Duck Dynasty" day..and had all sorts of deals and goodies. They put the Duck Commander book on sale for $10, so I got that to read (and have already finished it!) They also have a new Christmas Veggie Tales movie out that SI from DD. is a voice character in, so we bought that, and it came with another free DVD. They had snacks set up for kids and were giving stuff out. We got a SI cup and SI card.. and you also could get beards-on-a-stick, but we didn't grab any of those ;)
~We were supposed to take the kids to a fall festival Saturday afternoon, but it was still rainy and the perfect weather for a nap.. so we went home and slept most of the afternoon away!
~Saturday evening we went to mom and dad's for dinner. Mom likes to do special things for the kids at every holiday (she is where I get my excitement over holidays and other events! That is just how I was raised! ;) She wanted to make the kids a special Halloween meal.. that included a skeleton made out of veggies, and a homeade pizza, and a tree made out of cupcakes with owls on top. Everything was so cute and the kids loved it! And she gave them their halloween goodies that night, too.
~Sunday we spent most of the day cleaning up around the house. The house gets trashed easily with 5 people living here (and numerous pets!) we did loads and loads of laundry, and the kids worked on their rooms. Arnold was an awesome husband and helped me out, too. Then we all went down the road for lunch at Granny's kitchen.
~Sunday afternoon we were wanting to take the kids to the parade in our town. Since it was so close to our house we decided to walk into town. We even took Sheldon with us :) Arnold swore it was on a certain road, but it ended up being wrong, and we missed the parade! The kids were so bummed.. I think they mostly wanted the candy the people on the floats throw out ;) We ended up walking ALL the way around town to get back home, and it was about 45 minutes of walking. The kids said they were sooo tired, and my legs were pretty sore, I'll admit. But it was a GREAT workout!
A few pics from the weekend...

Mom at lunch with her gift, ready to open it. I put it in a photo box with roosters that I found at Michael's. I thought it was cute and the box could be re-used!

Rachel at the school festival. Her first one as a student! She had just gotten her face painted.. with a lady bug that she picked!

Mom and I :) I had just gotten up from a nap and was looking rough!

Mom's veggie skeleton! Isn't it cute?! And their was dip inside the head/face part. It got eaten pretty quickly!

The kids with their halloween goodies! They all got a new book, and a box of skittles.

Brooke helping Grandma cook. They made some yummy homeade pizza!

The girls playing dressup. They love to pull out Grandma's purses, highheels, and hats. They put on a little show for us, too :)

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