Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Week in Numbers

2- number of hours my Target interview took on Monday (I got the job!)
15-minutes I spent waiting at the lab on a drug test for my new job.
43- dollars I spent Monday evening at a Mary Kay party. New makeup!
4- numbers of nurses & drs Sheldon won over at his vet appt this week!
553- number of dollars it took for us to get heating oil put into our tank! ouch!
2- number of red shirts I've bought so far for me to wear to work.
180- number of dollars the doll went for on Ebay that I was wanting to buy for Brooke (I did NOT get it) I am trying to find another one I like now! (it is a reborn doll, they look real!)
8- bags of trash I emptied at the Pregnancy Care center Thurs. before leaving for the night.
6- number of stores I went shopping in on Friday.. found some good stuff!
10- number of costumes I considered for Sheldon's halloween costume before deciding on the ADORABLE blue dragon costume ;)
30- number of degrees it was over night, last night. SO COLD!
2- hours in bed I spent reading "Allegiant" last night. SO GOOD!
55- pictures I took at the Homecoming game this morning.
3- rolls of wrapping paper I bought today at Hobby Lobby. I need to start wrapping or I will never get it all done. By the way, they have the BEST and the CUTEST paper around!
500- times I spent re-adjusting the girls' wigs tonight at the Halloween Spooktacular.
145- the number of pieces of Laffy Taffy in the container I just bought Brooke for Christmas. Her fave candy. And yes I found a deal on Amazon and yes I will be putting it with her stuff! ;)
And here are a few pics from the week! :)
Arnold and Sheldon napping together!

He was really out of it!!

Sheldon with his new halloween toy-- Sammy the Spider!

He was tired of pics!

School Picture day!

Hanging out with Brooke at Cheerleading practice on Tuesday night

Hanging w/ the girls at the Mary Kay Party

Sheldon cuddling with Caleb! :)

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  1. Thank you for stopping by! Your mom looks like such a sweetheart and I'm sure she loved her present. I know I would!! :)