Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Friday morning I went out to do a little shopping. I went to the mall, to Bath and Body works, to get more wallflowers (Japanese cherry blossom of course!) and while I was there I found some other things because they were having SUCH good sales! I got Rachel a few things in Sears, AND I had some rewards dollars that I didn't even know about, so I got money off my order. I made a stop into Gymboree because they had 40% off their already clearanced items. I picked up the kids a few shirts, the girls a few accessories, and the CUTEST baby outfit with matching hat and blanket. At checkout, the lady asked me if I wanted a giftbox for the outfit. I told her no, that it was for Brooke's lifelike baby she is getting for Christmas! LOL! I have lost my mind? Nah, it was cheap AND so cute!
Arnold called me later on and surprised me with saying he was getting off work early. So we met up and had lunch together. We might have even been bad and had some chocolate mousse cake! YUM! That afternoon when the kids came home, I decided to give them little prizes from my "stash" because they had all made A's on their spelling tests and gotten 2 weeks worth of "smileys." So now Caleb has a new little Kreo set, Brooke has the Aladdin figurine set, and Rachel has a Mrs. Potato head (haha.) They were happy-- I love doing little surprises for the kids--- my mom always did stuff like that for me growing up!
Saturday morning we went to Brooke's very last football game of the season. It was a special game too, because they had homecoming!! I was very excited that the weather was nice-- no rain, and actually not too cold! The dads and grandpas of the girls escorted them out on the field, and they got a sash and a crown. Instead of picking a "queen" like they did before, they gave each girl a title. Brooke got "listening ear." And RIGHT after that she said "hey dad, what did they say I won?!" Not kidding! Ha! I was thinking "yeah right!" ;) It was the sweetest thing EVER watching them, and I took 55 pictures while there. Had to make sure I captured all the good moments! Both sets of her grandparents were there.. they ALL made it out to see her.. even if her Pop Pop had to take a few conference calls at the game before it started (that's a good Grandpa right there! ;)
Saturday evening they had a big festival in the town that I went to highschool at. We dressed up the kids in their costumes and got them ready. Brooke begged me to wear makeup, so I let her wear a little. All the kids looked so cute! They did several trunk or treats and it took forever to get through the line. By the time we were done we were hungry, so we went across the street to Blue Moon Tavern and had dinner. We saw at least 3 or 4 other families in there that we knew, that had the same idea! :) We all had a good time, except Caleb kept complaining that his mask was either too tight or itchy, and I had to keep readjusting the girls' wigs!
Sunday afternoon we took the kids to ANOTHER fall festival. Put on by our church (well another campus.) It was HUGE. They had the biggest inflatables you'd ever seen. We went on a hayride, let the kids jump in the inflatables (only 2 because the lines were so long!) and went to the trunk or treat. One of the trunks was actually decorated with camo and the guy was dressed up like Willie from Duck Dynasty! (my fave of all of them ;) When we finished up, we decided to stop by the inlaw's house real quick since they live right down the road. We gave them copies of Brooke's cheerleading pictures that had just come back that weekend. And they had little Halloween treats for the kids, too. The kids have SO much candy now it is insane, and it's not even actual Hallowen day yet!!!

Here are a few pics from the weekend...
The costume I picked out for Sheldon to wear! I hope he will keep it on! ;)

Brooke and I at the game

Waiting in line

Here comes brooke with daddy! She is smiling so big!

Getting her tiara. 

With our sweet girl!

All dressed up. Hulk, Lalaloopsy, and Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High

At the halloween festival Sat night

Eating at the Tavern. Brooke looks SO grown up here!

Arnold tried on Caleb's stuff! He didn't drive home like this.. don't worry!

I went super curly! ha!

On the hayride Sunday afternoon.

Going through the trunk or treat

Aww isn't he adorable?! ;)

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