Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overtime Sucks!!

Arnold works at a Fiber Optic company in Hickory.. and this past month theyve been slammed with orders and they have been having to work major overtime! Im not used to that.. Arnold has your typical 9-5 job and gets off the weekends, I love that! But lately hes been having to work some Saturdays, some evenings, and extra hours. On our last paycheck he had worked 13 hrs overtime! (thats nice for the money, though!) ;-) Anyway, a few of the employees drew straws the other day to see who would have to work a 10-7 shift Tues and Wed.. and guess who had to?? Yep, Arnold. LOL. Hes usually home by 5 and able to help me w/ the kids, getting them dinner, baths, ready for bed, etc. So i had to do all of that myself Tues night and boy was it tough! The kids were acting especially rowdy. I found Caleb in his room after his nap.. he had pooped in his diaper, had dug in their with his hands and smeared it allll over himself, his crib, the WALL. Oh i was so MAD! :-x And the room smelled so bad! Then i fed them dinner. Then they were so restless so i decided to take them out to play for a little while. And of course that was the first evening we had pretty cool weather and it was WINDY so we had to come back in after 20 minutes. I was SO happy when Arnold walked in that door! :-P

Last night I didnt want to deal with that all over again, so I took the easy way out, called my Mom and asked if i could bring the kids over there for dinner :-P So when the kids got up from their naps I loaded them up and we drove to Conover. Theyre doing work on the interstate so we went 70 the whole way, which took forever. But at least the kids were good-- they watched Veggie Tales video on the way there-- gotta love the DVD player in the van! :-P We hung out over there and then when Arnold got off work he met us over there and we all had dinner. Rachel spent some time cuddling with her Great Grandpa. She is soo sweet, she loves to be held and cuddled. :)

~Heres a few pics I took at Mom & Dads last night~

Rachel and Grandpa Sears (my dad)

Rachel and her Great-Grandpa :)

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