Saturday, November 28, 2009

*Yearly Tradition*

Every year since I was little we have had a tradition-- on the day after Thanksgiving-- of going to the mtns to this Christmas tree farm.. walking thru woods and across the creek and going to pick out a tree.. then we go and have lunch afterwards. Then we go home, set the tree up, and decorate it. Ever since i got married and then had kids, Arnold and the kids have started going too. well this year Arnold had to work since he was out of vacation time, so the kids and I got ready that morning, went over to mom and dads house and went w/ them on the trip. We took 2 vehicles.. mom drove our van and she, I and the kids rode in there, and dad drove another vehicle and him, Alex, and his girlfriend rode in there. We got up there and it was COLD. It was in the 30s. We got out of the van and caleb said COLD COLD and wanted to go back to the van.. so we sat in the van with the kids while dad, alex and his GF went to pick out the tree. It was funny, we had Caleb so wrapped up in like 6 or 7 layers and he was huge on top and tiny on bottom... :-P After they had gotten the tree wrapped up and loaded on top of the vehicle, we left. (BTW, Caleb FREAKED out about the trees going thru the machine... but I told him it was ok-- and he calmed down lol) Anyway, we then went by the little restaurant we usually go to afterwards, but it was closed.. so we drove to a nearby Cracker Barrell. Well EVERYONE and their brother was there, it was going to be a 20 minute wait! So we just decided to go a little further and stop at a Wendys. So we finally ate lunch after 2 pm. But it was all in all a fun day! I enjoyed the ride there and back, and getting to talk to my mom. We have always been close.

Heres a few pics I took of the kids at my Parents' house before we left for the Mtns..
She likes to stick her tongue out at me :-P

She loves her teethers these days-- There should be a tooth soon!

Too bad Rachel couldnt sit up, lol :)

Protective Big Brother :)

I can hardly ever get him to smile for the camera! :)

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  1. Glad ya'll had fun..that seems like a fun tradition.