Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Am Thankful For!!!

Once again im lagging behind on my posts-- its so easy to get behind!!

With it being Thanksigiving recently I wanted to do my yearly "Thankful List."


-God~ And everything he has done for me. This has been a VERY hard past year for me and I couldn't have gotten through it without Him. Good things can come through bad experiences, and that's definately what happened in my case! I have grown so much closer to the Lord and realized that everyday is precious.

*Arnold~ What can I say about my loveable, goofy husband? He is the man i dreamed of marrying, and more. We have had our hard times sure, but we now are learning how to work through anything that comes our way (Thanks to the marriage class!) I will be happy to call him my husband of 5 YEARS this coming January! :)

*My 3 Kids~ Brooke, Caleb and Rachel. Brooke is funny, outgoing and VERY independent. She'd stay outside all day if we let her. And the kid is so smart.. seriously :) Caleb is reserved, sensitive, and sweet (sound like anyone familiar?!) He is a cuddle bug, my little helper, and his facial expressions will crack you up anyday! And Rachel.. my sweet baby! She is full of joy, smiles, and spunk. The kid love to dance, and will always be my comedic relief :)

*The rest of my family-- They mean the world to me, too. My parents raised me well and taught me good values. They have been married over 38 yrs now! My "little" brother is now independent and off living in Asheville with a great job at the Biltmore House.

*My Church- We have recently swiched churches, and so far its one of the best decisions Ive made all year! We feel so welcome and alive there, and the pastor's messages are awesome and really relate to most people. Gotta love the modern music, too ;-)

*My Friends~ I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for! They are fun to be with, supportive, and good listeners. There are a select few that I am very very close to and probably know more about me than Arnold does! :)

*Arnold's Job-- I am so so thankful that Arnold has a wonderful job, even in this economy. He just celebrated his 10-year anniversary with the company! He is such a hard worker and provides for our family, so that I can be a Stay-At-Home-Mom to our children. I am so blessed.. staying at home with them is what I always hoped to do.

*Brooke's School & Teachers~ Brooke started preschool this year and its been the best experience for her! I had such a hard time letting her go the first day, but I knew she would do well! She has learned so much and made so many friends already. I couldnt have asked for better teachers for her, they seem to care about the students so much. I can only hope we are lucky enough that Caleb and Rachel get wonderful teachers when they start school, too.

*Two of my VERY BEST FRIENDS are having babies this next year! I am beyond thrilled for them.. this is something both of them have wanted for a long time. One is a first-time mom and one is having her second child. They will both be awesome moms! I love being able to watch them experience this and go through everything. Babies are such a gift! I cant wait to hold the babies and spoil them, although Arnold keeps reminding me that I will have to give them back ;-)

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