Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Well I know I am crazy but I decided to go shopping on Black Friday this year. Its one of those things that most people either LOVE or HATE. I am kindof in the middle. I love the concept of awesome deals, and having a fun day with your friends. But I am absolutely in no way a fan of mornings, cold weather, or waiting in lines-- so you can see my delimma!

Anyway, i got myself all psyched up ahead of time and then the day before I really didnt want to go! But looking at the ads and seeing alot of things, and then remembering that I had told my Sister-in-law and my friend Natalie that I would go-- made me motivated.

Thanksgiving night we all came home from Mom and Dad's. The kids went to bed early that night b/c they had missed their naps. So i just chilled out for awhile, then went to bed around 9pm. Its hard for me to force myself to go to bed early but I was able to because the day had been so long and stressful already!! I ended up sleeping until just before 2 am. So i got around 5 hrs of sleep. Not TOO bad, but most people know that I dont do well on less than 8-9, Ive always been serious about my sleep! ;-)

I got up, got dressed warmly and had some cereal, even though it was technically in the middle of the night-- Arnold said I needed my energy. I dont drink coffee, never have, but I need me some caffeine to get thru the day. So I loaded a 2-liter of Dr Pepper in the van.. no lie :P I didnt even bother taking a cup with me, i knew I could chug if I needed to ;-) Anyway, I left the house and picked up my Sister-in-law at her house around 2:45 am. We headed up 70 all the way to Hickory-- ahh how calm it was out on the roads, and how fast that was about to change!

We headed to Kohls first because Jenn wanted some things there. I wanted a few things there but nothing I couldnt live without. So we end up having to park at the VERY end of the parking lot, I mean even in the extra parking lot they have for heavy traffic. Then we walk allll the way to the end of the shopping center, to the end of the line. And wouldnt you know it? It starts to rain. Not just a few drops but a downpour, and to make it worse the winds are going! Stupid me forgot to bring anything with a hood, OR an umbrella, so I am getting more and more soaked by the second, and cant see out of my glasses anymore. The girl in front of us handed over her umbrella and said I could use it-- who said theres no more random acts of kindness out there anymore?! So i figured we were off to a good start and it would be a pretty good day (hopefully) About 15 mins later the line started moving and we shoved our way thru the entrance and we were finally IN. I had this great idea to go ahead and head towards the checkout line while Jenn looked around, so that by the time she got up there i may be at the checkout. Turns out it moved pretty quickly and I was up there before she was done, so I just let a few people ahead of me. We left with her buying a few things and me buying NOTHING! but it was worth it not to wait.

Then we got out and were ready to get into the Target line-- they opened at 4am so they were our next step. My friend Natalie had been outside waiting since *get this* MIDNIGHT. She was almost at the front of the line! She told us to come over and cut in with her.. so we did. I didnt think it would be that big a deal, because everyone was doing it! (haha) And its not like we were after any big ticket items, so we werent hurting anyone, right? I saw a few questioning eyes watching us, but no one said anything. But then these women said OH NO THEY DIDNT!! And a cop came over and said LADIES YOU NEED TO MOVE TO THE END OF THE LINE!! Oh.. I am usually a very nice person (I guess it doesnt count this day since its so early and Im not a morning person!) But i said OH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ISNT DOING IT TOO?! I DONT WANT ANYTHING THAT FUCKING BAD ANYWAY! and then as we walked to the end of the line i said THERES MORE TO LIFE PEOPLE!! So yeah.. I will duck my head in shame now, I am totally embarassed and ashamed for that-- especially in public! but it could have been a lot worse :) So anyway, we finally get into Target and I actually do grab a toy and a dvd this time, but once again, nothing was worth coming out there for! (In my opinion) SO we get into line and it has already wrapped around the store back to the kitchen section. I am starting to get hot at the point and peel off like 2 layers of clothing, because i am starting to feel faint. The line moves pretty quickly to my surprise. And Natalie ends up cutting in line w/ us near the checkout (which no one says anything about, although I was waiting for it!) And we all get checked out and back outside.

Now at this point Jenn wants to go into BestBuy for a printer and Ive head that its a madhouse in there, so Natalie and I decide to leave her and go to McDonalds to pick us up some breakfast (and bring Jenn back some coffee) We get back and Jenn has the LONGEST line to wait in, so Natalie and I sit out in the car for about an hour and wait. We went to highschool together and go way back so we had a lot to talk about.. I wish i could see her more often! Poor thing was almost falling asleep, but who could blame her, shed been awake for a whole day! After Jenn got done Nat dropped us off at my van and then she went home. Jenn and I went to ACMoore and looked around, Ireally wanted to get a Melissa and Doug set for Brooke but they werent letting you use the coupons that morning, so that was a bust. I did find a gingerbread house kit for cheap though, and a few ornaments. We got out of there and Jenn wanted to go home b/c she said she couldnt spend anymore money. So i took her home and got home by 7:30.. so not too bad! Thankfully my wonderful husband let me take a long nap later that morning, which I needed soo badly. I sound like such a wimp, I didnt even stay up all night like a lot of people-- But once again, i am SERIOUS about my sleep people!!!

Will I go back next year? Ah, ask me later.....

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