Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scare with Brooke

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I was washing the dishes and got a call from the school nurse at Brooke's school. She told me that the teachers had told her that Brooke had been acting different for the past few weeks, and they didnt think that much about it but that day Brooke had had an incident where she "blanked out" and for a few minutes they couldnt get through to her. Then she messed all over herself and when she "came to" she didnt seem to know what had just happened. They told me I should probably call her dr and get an appt. So the next day Arnold took her in and they did a few little things with her and said it sounded like seizure activity and she would need to get an EEG.

So the wed before Christmas she was set up for the test, at the Catawba Imaging Center. They told us that she needed to stay up the whole night before, so she would be drowsy for the test. Out of our three children, we knew she would be the easiest to get her to do that, but we knew it would still be a really rough night. So Arnold decided to be the one to stay up with her-- hes a night owl anyway-- and I slept and got up early to take Brooke to the test. Arnold said she did alright they played and built block towers and watched PBS kids :P The next morning we left out early and I took her. It was me, her, and the nurse in this big dark room with a bed. Just sitting in there made me tired! Brooke laid down and the nurse started hooking all the electrode things up to her head. Brooke was so brave, I was proud of her. They monitored her for a little bit while awake, and had her look at some flashing lights and images. Then she fell asleep and we watched her sleep for about an hour. During that hour I saw her feet twitch alot, and she swung her arm out, and her mouth moved a little. But she didnt have a seizure while asleep, which I guess is good news. They told me they would send off the results and video to Baptist and have the results back in aweek or two.

The other night we missed a voicemail while we were eating dinner. It was Brookes dr telling us that the results were back already and we needed to call back the next day. Boy what iwent through the next morning trying to get in touch with them-- Im seriously considering switching drs! Anyway, he finally called me and we said that BRookes EEG had come back abnormal. He said that they showed unusual spikes and lows in her brain wave activity in the right quadrant. It was especially noticeable while she was sleep. The dr said we needed to refer her to a pediatric Neurologist. I had had a few friends tell me that they have some great ones in Concord, so I told him thats what I preferred. They said to expect a call in about a week, setting up an appointment. At the appointment, I am told that they will run a few more test, try to determine if the blanking out spells are related to the EEG findings, and from there see if she needs a brain MRI or might need meds. It looks like seizures/epilepsy as of now but we arent totally sure. I dont know much about that, But ive been trying to learn alot online and through friends who have been thru it before.

I havent noticed a LOT of unusual behavior from Brooke at home, but I have noticed more accidents that normal. She has been very good about going to the potty ever since she was potty trained, and then all of a sudden i noticed that she was changing her panties alot. She has also fallen several times, like she tripped for no reason, its hard to explain. I dont see that as very normal, considering theres never anything around her her to trip on or anything.

So as of now we are playing the waiting game. I want to get this over with, get to the neurologist and hopefuly have them tell me some good news! I feel so helpless just wondering and imagining all the scenarios of what could be going on. I know thats not good, and I should try not to think about it. Easier said than done, though. For now the drs said she shouldnt be doing any climbing or any activities where she might blank out and risk falling and hurting herself. Most of you know how active Brooke is-- that child does NOT sit still, so thats going to be a challege. But I know somehow everything will be ok. It seems like we have had a lot of health scares in the past year in a half and Im not quite sure why Its all happening. But I know we will praise God in this storm, and I know that God works everything in life together for the greater good! And that is quite comforting to think about.

I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to all the people who have sent messages, texts, FB comments, called, or anything like that, to check on us, and for all the prayers for Brooke. It means the world to me. I dont want to get all mushy, but it seriously means so much to me to know that I have friends and family that support us and check to see how we are doing. I have had so many offers to watch the other kids while we have to go to these appts in Concord, and just reassuring words when I need them the most. So thank you. As a parent its a horrible feeling having to hear the words "abnormal test" results about your child. You immediately become protective and worried and just find it so unfair that your child would have to go thru anything tough in life. Im just glad this was foun so early, so hopefully Brooke can get great care, and everything be ok!

***Sorry so Long!!***

Brooke getting her EEG

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