Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Living Without Internet!!!

Oh yeah, it was horrible!!!

About 3 weeks ago our netbook quit working, because of an internal wiring problem, where our AC adapter wouldnt work with it anymore. And wouldnt you know, we threw out the receipt? IT would have still been under warrenty thru best buy and we could have gotten it worked on. Oh well. What do you expect from a $280 netbook? I know they arent built to last! Arnold said we would never get anything like that again. Good concept, but not for us.

Anyway, I was without internet for 3 weeks because of that! Yes, i freely admit that I am addicted to the internet. I love to blog (as you can tell) and get on FB (and I know I post way too many pics and update my status alot and it probably bugs a lot of people but what can I say-- Im a SAHM-- i get bored sometimes! ;-) And it was tough not being able to pay bills online and check the bank account and weather and all that good stuff. You really start to rely on technology more than you think! I mostly missed talking to my friends, and my forums!

So Arnold had decided to sell a bunch of his old music stuff on Ebay and said that if he made enough we would look into getting a new computer. And I am happy to say that we got one this past Monday!!!! We got an HP laptop from Best Buy and yeah we spent a little money but it seems to be built to last, its pretty nice and a LOT bigger than that netbook we had! I am getting used to it still, and I had a LOT Of catching up to do when I got back online again. So thats why Im updating the blog so much in one day, I have to get caught back up! MISSED YOU GUYS!!! :)

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