Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mall Get-Together

I have come to look forward to Wednesdays. Not only do I have our marriage class that night, but every Wed morning I get together with a few friends at the mall and we walk laps, talk, shop, and then let the kids play at the playarea. Today we had a small group compared to some weeks, but thats all good! Amy and her sister Katie were able to join us this week, which they usually arent able to because Amy has been so busy.

We did a few laps and like usual Caleb kept getting in the way of the strollers and I kept accidentally running over his feet :P Poor guy. When Lauryn showed up with sweet little Grayson, Rachel was happy.. she kept leaning ahead in her stroller to try to see him in his. Thats her "boyfriend." :) Eventually we went downstairs and went to a few stores. I saw a few things I really wanted to get but didnt bring my money with me which was SMART because I am mostly done Christmas shopping already and shouldnt be tempted!

After awhile Amy and Katie had to leave, so Lauryn, Joanne and I headed to the playarea. The kids had a great time playing, Rachel loves that shes big enough to run around now with the other kids. This sweet little girl kept going over to Grayson and hugging him and patting his head! It was so adorable. Who wouldnt love little Grayson?! I think Rachel was a little jealous in all honesty.. she stayed at the other end of the play area ;-) No incidents today, like with Caleb shoving her down the slide like last time. Scary for a minute but pretty hilarious, too :)

And I remembered my camera this time, so i snapped a few pics! :)

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