Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rachel is 18 Months Old!

On the 18th of this past month, Rachel turned 18 months old! I cant believe it. She is now out of that "baby stage" I guess, and moving onto full-blown toddler-hood. I hate it in a way because I know she is my last baby and I want to enjoy every moment I have left with a "baby" in the house.

But anyway, she is such a sweetheart, and getting such a great personality already. We say she is our comedic relief, she is always doing something funny. She gets excited and throws her arms up and says "YAY!" ALthough her favorite word to everything is still "No!" :) She likes to "shush" people and high-five them. And her new word is "MINE!" She will take things and put them under her arm and proclaim that its HERS and run off.. so cute :) She is going thru that stage where she is terrified of strangers. She was even scared to see her Uncle Alex at Christmas because she doesnt get to see him very much.

At her 18 month appt the other day she was 27.9 lbs and 33 inches. She is definately trying to catch up w/ her brother and sister! ;-) She is in the 90-some percentile for height and weight. She had her exam and the dr said everything looks great :)

Here are a few recent pics of Rachel. And yes we are STILL waiting on her hair to grow out.. I hate how it resembles a mullet but its our little joke now :) I have lots of bows waiting for her to wear when she has enough hair to stick them in!

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