Monday, December 6, 2010

Natalie's Birthday Dinner

This past Friday was my good friend Natalie's 26th birthday. She had a birthday dinner at Ruby Tuesdays that night. It just ended up being 4 of us, but it was really fun. She said she had this "little black dress" that she really wanted to wear, so she asked us all to dress up... Well I usually hate dressing up. I mean, its nice, but I never find anything that looks good on me! I was able to scrounge up this nice black top that i like, and some nice jeans.. did my hair and wore a bunch of jewelry-- Told Natalie thats as fancy as she was getting! ;-) I got to dinner first and put our name on the list.. it was about a 20 min wait, and it was COLD!! And of course there was no seating inside to wait, so I was shivering outside. Soon Natalie and the others showed up, and we went in to eat. Natalie made us wear the silly party headbands.. everyone was looking at us when we went in.. I even heard one person say "She must be getting married!!" Haha, and our waitress got a kick out of it. We had an extra one b/c someone didnt show up, so we asked our waitress to wear it, and she did! She was a trooper.. she ended up getting a good tip ;-) Anyway, i felt silly because here we are out for a nice dinner and I ordered a cheeseburger. But in my defense I hadnt eaten much lunch that day and it looked GOOD on the menu! :) Of course I got asked along w/ everyone else id Id like a drink.. I havent drank in probably 2 years. Mostly because of my meds Im on now that cant mix w/ alcohol, but Ive recently given it up for other personal reasons. The sweet tea was good though! ;-) I stayed till we were done eating then went home.. They were going to have an "after party"but there wasnt much Id be able to do ;-) Arnold was a sweetheart, he had had a rough day at work that day and still said he didnt mind watching the kids while i went out. Happy Birthday Natalie!! :)

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