Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions!!

I just love this time of year! Seriously, I feel like a kid again. Christmas is so fun when you have kids. Just seeing them light up over things and talk about upcoming Events. I honestly think I saw Brooke have a spastic shaking attack one time when we were talking about Christmas :)

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday about some of the Christmas traditions that we have done in the past and hope to do again this year-- And trying to find some new ideas to do with the kids, too. I remember always having wonderful Christmases growing up and being so excited the month of December. I want to provide the same kind of excitement for my kids, too!

So here is a list of some of our traditions or what I hope to start doing:

~The week of Thanksgiving or before we put up the tree and everyone helps decorate it. We listen to Christmas music while doing so (usually the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!)

~Speaking of the TSO, we used to have a tradition of going to their concert every year (we started that when Arnold and I were dating) But now finding sitters for 3 kids all night is really, REALLY tough. Especially when they come to town on weeknights-- hate that!

~New Ornaments every year- Arnold and I pick out new ornaments for the kids and each other every year. We like to have something new to add to the tree every year and the kids get excited. Last year we did our first "family" ornament, which was 3 little turtles in santa hats.. If you know our turtle joke in the family, its cute! ;-)

~We go driving to see the Christmas lights. I love all the huge places like Tanglewood, but at this age and stage in life I dont care for listening to kids whine for several hrs in the car. So we found this place in Morganton, which isnt too far from where we live. They have this thing to drive thru and there are lights displays set up, and you can roll down your windows and there are even music/sound with some of them. The kids love it!

~Can't forget all the Christmas specials! We have to watch "The Grinch", "Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Charlie Brown Christmas" every year, and who could forget the "Christmas Story"?? I remember watching that every year at my grandparents' house when we were over there for Christmas eve. we also love some of the more modern movies out, like "Elf" and "Christmas with the Kranks."

~Gingerbread house!! We tried to build our first one WITH the kids helping this year, and Id love to have said it was fun, but it was a disaster! Arnold was getting frustrated and the icing ended up hardening and our house fell apart! Brooke even went to school telling everyone "her house fell down" Haha! :) so no Gingerbread house this year-- I might stick to decorating Gingerbread PEOPLE instead ;-)

~Girls' Christmas Get Together!! Every year me and few of my best friends get together one evening in December to have our get-together for Christmas. We trade off houses every year. We all bring finger foods and desserts to share. We usually watch a movie or play a game, and eat, and exchange Christmas gifts. We are doing ours' this year at Jackies house on the 19th :)

~Christmas Eve Service at Church-- Every year growing up we went to the Christmas eve service at church. Since getting married, Arnold and i have still been going w/ my parents to their church. We go and they of course have all the Christmas hymns, christmas story, and do the candles, too. This year we might attend our new church's service if its at a good time.

~Christmas Time w/ the Familes-- Every year on Christmas eve we go to Arnold's parents house and his mom makes a big Christmas lunch. Then we all open gifts, and watch Christmas specials, and just hang out around the house. Then that night is Church, and over to my parents' house for lasanga dinner, and opening gifts. Christmas morning we spend here at home w/ the kids and open their gifts from us and Santa. and then the next day or two we head to my GRandpa's house for the big family get-together w/ everyone on my Mom's side of the family.

~Santa! We put out cookies the night before, for Santa. And he leaves the big gift and the stockings for the kids. Even Arnold and I have our stockings hung up, too ;-) The kids went for the first time this year to sit on his lap, in past years they were too scared!!

This year I hope to start the tradition of a birthday cake for Jesus! I am a horrible cook so I might just buy a cake.. is that horrible?! Then we will sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat the cake :) Cant decide if we want to have it for Christmas morning breakfast, or what ;-)

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