Monday, December 6, 2010

It Snowed!!

Yes, I was totally shocked to see it, especially this early in the year, but it SNOWED here in NC this past Saturday! I heard it had done a little something that morning, but we missed it. Then later that afternoon we were on our way to a birthday party and it started snowing while we were driving! The kids were so so excited, and stayed glued to the windows watching it fall. Ok, so I was a little excited myself! I am not huge on snow, and especially hate cold weather. But LOVE to watch it fall! Its so beautiful and calm. By the time we got to the party it had really picked up and was falling pretty heavily. the snowflakes were huge, too! Brooke jumped out of the van and stuck her tongue out to catch some falling snowflakes :) Rachel looked pretty impressed, too. This is the 2nd snow she has seen but last year she was way too young to even care! :)

Anyway, about the Birthday party-- we went to one at Foothills Gymnastics. I had been to a few parties at Little Gym before they closed, but never this other place. It was awesome! Arnold and I went in with the kids, and walked around to the different things. Even the adults were getting into the jumping and playing :) There was this huge foam pit that you could jump into from a long trampoline- sort of thing. Arnold jumped in with the big kids.. he said it was so hard to get out! Brooke even lost her sock in there-- Im sure its gone for good :-P They had a blast jumping around and getting alot of energy out. Then we went into the party room for food and cake. I looked at a few brochures while we were there and Im seriously thinking about having one of the kids' bday parties there next year! I know, i cant believe Im thinking that far ahead. But it would be an awesome party for them. They do classes there, too, and Id love to look into that sometime.

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