Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I knew they were calling for snow on the weekend of Christmas but I didnt know whether to believe it or not. And then it snowed on Christmas! That made it so muh more extra special, especially for the kids. They ran outside right away and were trying to catch the flake on their tongues :) I was shocked how much we got, it snowed ALL day and night! Thankfully Walgreens was open on Christmas so i ran in and bought some things from the freezer section to hold us over for a few days. Seems like a lot of other people had the same idea b/c it was packed in there! Anyway, we took the kids outside to play in it the next day. They were all bundled up. Rachel had gotten a cute snowsuit from her Aunt Jenn for Christmas, so that was right in time! She loved it but kept falling over in the snow and getting frustrated, so we gave up and went in. The kids would have stayed out all day if we had let them! I am the kind of person who hates snow.. well the part of being stuck inside. I felt so restless for those 2 days! But thankfully we were able to get out and go to Hickory on Monday, when Arnold had one last vacation day left. We did a little shopping and had lunch. There is still snow on the ground at our house but its starting to slowly melt away because its been pretty sunny the past few days.

Heres one Pic-- Ill upload more Later!

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