Monday, December 6, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

The kids had gone to a VBS over the summer, at my friend's Joanne and Mandy's church. Since they were on the mailing list, we got sent these things in the mail about a "Breakfast with Santa" coming up. I thought that sounded pretty fun and decided to take the kids. I really was hoping they would cooperate because in the past they had been scared of Santa!

So anyway, we got ready Sat. morning and headed to the church. We had breakfast that some church members had made-- eggs, bacon, grits, toast, and pancakes.. all the good stuff! then We got in line to let the kids sit on Santa's lap. Brooke was really ready to go but Caleb kept saying he was scared and didnt want to. With a lot of persuading from Arnold, he finally decided to go, as long as he could go with Brooke. They sat on his lap and Santa asked them what they wanted for Christmas and Brooke said "a baby doll!" and caleb said "Spiderman!!" He kept repeating that too.. haha. So after a few pics they got off his lap.. and we tried Rachel. Before Arnold even sat her down she started crying, so we didnt even bother! Maybe next year ;-) Thanks to Mandy for getting the great pic of Brooke and Caleb :)

After that the kids listened to the Christmas Story being read, and then they were going to do a craft. Arnold wasnt feeling too well on his stomach from earlier, so we decided to go on home. We also dropped our camera on the floor while we were there and broke it.. of course, just our luck. This is the second one we've lost since Summer.. thankfully this one was an old one with a cracked screen anyway that Arnolds parents gave us until we get our new one (I cant WAIT to get our new one, and will definately have to keep it away from the kids ;-) Anyway, the breakfast with Santa was awesome and I hope they do it again next year!

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