Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

I Cant believe Christmas of 2010 has already come and gone! We had a great one, though. On Christmas eve we went over to the inlaws house and had lunch with them. my MIL cooks a big meal w/ ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, rolls, and lots of desserts. Its so yummy! Rachel definately enjoyed the cake, as you can see in the pics :) That was our Jesus Birthday Cake. After lunch we opened gifts. I got a sweater in my favorite color (green) a Visa GIftcard, and a Lynyrd Skynyrd throw blanket. Yes im such a nerd but i love it! Its red, white and blue, and totally redneck, but its so soft and ive loved cuddling up to it :) The kids got a TON of stuff as usual.. lots of clothes, pjs, shoes, toys, etc. Caleb got Iron Man action figures and a dress up set w/ a mask and he was ELATED. He is so hooked on Iron Man right now. I think that was his favorite things from Christmas.. out of everything! We hung around for the afternoon and then drove to church.

We went to the Christmas eve service at our new Church (Christ Church- Fairgrove Campus) We went to the 5pm service. Like usual, it was a great service, with a great message and awesome music! My mom and GRandpa joined us.. I think they liked it but the modern (LOUD) music takes some getting used to ;-) Dad didnt come b/c he recently had knee surgery and didnt want to get in the crowds.

That evening we went to Mom and Dads for dinner.. mom made her traditional lasanga dinner.. yum! THey gave the kids one gift that night-- Caleb got a big Lincoln Logs set, Brooke got a doll, and Rachel got a doll, also.

The next morning the kids got up and saw what Santa had brought.. A kitchen set for the girls, and a Batman playset for Caleb. They also got lots of other things and were opening them up fast! After that we all drove back to Mom and Dads and had breakfast with them then opened gifts. We did Christmas morning w/ them this year because my brother came in late the night before. He works at the Biltmore house and the holidays are a busy time for them. From my parents I got a new coat, scarf, perfume, a bracelet, some makeup and a Ocharleys Giftcard. The kids got a bunch of new stuff including a Leapster which Brooke LOVES and wont put down! They also contributed money to their college accounts, which is AWESOME. Thanks mom and dad! :) We were surprised to see the snow falling outside! I dont remember a real White Christmas in my whole life! Later that day we went home and then were stuck at home for a few days because of the snow. At least the kids had a lot of new toys to play with!

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