Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Being a Proverbs 31 Woman

~What does beauty mean to you?  I know you have heard this a million times already, but beauty is not about what is on the outside. Beauty comes from within. When a stranger does something unexpected for you and brightens your day, that is beauty. Seeing the Joy on my son's face when he opens that present he has been wanting forever, that is beauty. The enormous grin of Brooke's, complete with missing teeth, that is beauty. Seeing an older couple holding hands and still enjoying each other's company after all these years, that is beauty. Watching Rachel as she sleeps, seeing her chest rise and fall, that is beauty.

~What makes you uniquely you?  I am a very unique person, right from the start. I was adopted when I was 5 weeks old. My biological mother could have gotten "rid of me" but she chose life, and for that I am forever thankful. I had a great childhood with loving parents. I was a "good girl" and a little sheltered, but that's ok. My parents were only trying to protect me while they could. I was a girlscout for 13 years. I have never broken a bone or had a cavity. I was a tad bit nerdy (and still am!) and you could always find me reading. I got married after only 4 months of knowing Arnold, but we just knew it was right. And now we have 3 kids under 7, so you know we like to move fast! ;)

 ~What virtues do you value in yourself? I am very passionate about speaking out for the rights of the unborn. It's no secret to anyone that I am very pro-life. That is why I work once a week at the local Pregnancy Care Center. I am also a very loyal friend. When I become close to someone, I will love and protect them something fierce! I am compassionate and want to think about the needs of others.

 ~What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? He has taught me a lot about my roles. As a wife I have learned that it is hard to live with another person day in and out, but He has taught me how to make it work. Taught me that I have to be my husband's biggest supporter because men need the constant reassurance that they are doing well in life. As a Mom he has taught me to be patient, to slow down and see things at the kid's pace. To be amazed at the little things in life that are really so much bigger. And to be thankful for my children's health. There are so many other children out there suffering each and every day, and that breaks my heart.

~Write about what wears you out as a woman. Feeling like I am never enough! Like I have to be in a million different places at one time. I have a big problem of wanting to make everyone happy, and it doesn't always work out. I have to be a wife, mom, friend, worker, daughter and a million other "titles" and it takes up so much time. Sometimes I am just done for by the end of the day.

.~Write about something you would like to change about yourself for the better. I want to STOP being dependent on others for my happiness and self-worth. I need to look to Jesus for this. I recently went to a women's conference that spoke on that very topic. I never realized I was so bad at this until I listened to the woman speak. Why do I care so much what others think of me? I do the best I can for myself, and my family. I try to do what Jesus wants me to do (with His help!) and that should be good enough for me. That is truly what matters in life, anyway. I don't have to answer to people in Heaven, only God.

~Write about 3 things that make you happy. Just 3 things? That is hard. Thankfully many things make me happy! But if I had to choose they would be-- Curling up in a soft chair at the end of the night with a good book and a sweet tea. Being on a girl's night with my closest friends and laughing until our stomachs hurt. And driving around on a summer night at sunset, while listening to one of my favorite songs on the radio.

~Describe your personality.  I am caring, compassionate, quirky, way overly-excited about things, sensitive, loyal, nerdy, stubborn, impatient, self-conscious... and I could go on!

~Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!) I am a carb girl. I know there are whole diets based on avoiding carbs at all costs! I can assure you I have never been on one of those! Ever since I was a little girl I remember loving eating the bread/rolls that came with dinner. My grandmother's homeade bread-- nothing better than that. I actually used to eat the remainder of the bread loaf after my Mom would help with communion at church some Sundays. Yep, it is a bad, bad weakness of mine.

~Write about your job and why you love it or hate it. Right now my job is being a Stay-at-home-Mom to my 3 kids. I have been in this job position since 2006. I used to think it wouldn't be so hard (I even told my mom that one day and she laughed in my face!) It is harder than any other thing I have ever done. First of all, you are responsible for human lives. You have to actually keep them alive and try your best to keep them from getting sick or injured. Then you have to take care of daily (usually boring) things like diaper changes, baths, feeding them, etc. Not to mention the house become's yours to deal with, as does all the cleaning, shopping, etc. You don't have a lot of down time, and you don't really get enough credit. But it is worth it. I get to be the one to see all my kids' "Firsts" and be there to comfort them when they need it. I also get to be their very first "teacher" and supporter in life. That is pretty cool. 

~What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses? Strengths would be- I am good with children. My friends have called me the baby whisperer. I know all kinds of baby care, baby trivia, and can usually calm down any crying baby. I am also good at knowing what people need, and being a good listener and comforter. I try to give advice out when I can, when someone needs it. I am also good with planning get-togethers/parties and times where I can connect with all my friends and family. Weaknesses would be-- I am very impatient, and it makes me go crazy sometimes. I am a very worrisome and anxious person and I worry all the time about things I can't even control. I am overly-sensitive and feel so much for people, I wish I could do more to help out. And I am stubborn.. I love to be right and it bothers me when someone argues with me (just ask Arnold! ;)

~What is Jesus teaching you presently? He has taught me lately to trust him, BIGTIME! we have gone through some rough things the past couple of months, and I honestly didn't know what we were going to do. But he came through for us, like he always does (and always will!) I don't know why I ever doubted. I mean, He has seen me through some major stuff in my lifetime. I am amazed when I look back and see ways God has been moving in my life all along.

~What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you are gone? I hope they will say I was a kind and loving mother and grandmother, and loved to spend with with all of them. That I was a good wife to Arnold, and was there to support him and be devoted to him all of our days. They probably won't remember their Grandma for someone who was a great cook or could whip them up some tasty treats, but I am trying my best at learning.. maybe things will change by then, who knows?! :)

~Write about your insecurities as a woman. I am a typical woman and worry about how I am viewed by the world. How will I get rid of this extra weight.. I want to be healthy for my family and keep Arnold attracted to me, I want him to have pride in his wife. I worry how people view me as being a stay-at-home mom with several kids. I believe this is best for our family right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I want to get a job eventually, and help out with the family income.. that is another insecurity- that I don't bring any income in right now.

 ~Who is your role model as a woman?
That would be my mom! She was your picture-perfect June Cleaver growing up. She was a stay-at-home mom as well, for many years. She always worked on cleaning and organizing the house, as well as planning fun things for us kids to do. She would be there to pick us up after school, and bring us home to good snacks. She would bake us special things, make our birthdays special, and make Holiday traditions that would stick through the years. She would always put us to bed with prayers and a lullaby when we were young, and comfort us when we were sick. A homecooked meal on the table every night, that was healthy. She would open up our home to our friends, to make sure we had a safe place to hang out and not get into trouble. And she is still married to my Dad, after 40 years, so she showed me an example of a good marriage. I saw them argue sometimes, but they still worked hard at making things work. Mom always had herself presentable for Dad and showed effort in looking nice. A lot of things she did really stuck with me.

~Write about your dreams and goals as a beautiful woman! My goals are to start back to college next year and finally earn my degree. To enter back into the workforce when Rachel starts preschool. To continute to survive these years with the kids in school, helping with homework, lunches, friendships, and heartbreaks. To love my husband and celebrate many years together. We hope to do a vow renewal one day too! To one day meet my biological mom, and thank her for giving me life.


  1. My goal is to be a strong woman who stands for Jesus. May I teach my children to love as Jesus teaches us to, and do it well. Oh yeah, and get my drawers organized!!! ;-). Thanks for these words of wisdom. May we all strive to be the Proverbs 31 woman.

  2. love it!! thanks for linking up with us this week!! I seriously love the chapter of Proverbs... I'm so far away but it doesnt hurt to always strive to be better!

  3. Wow, that pasta dish sounds amazing, and pretty simple, which is what I like to look for in dishes Lol. Plus I think my son might actually enjoy that one too. Those spider snacks look really cute too!