Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend in Review!

Friday evening Arnold went with his dad and a friend to the Brad Paisley concert. Him and his dad really like him, and his dad's birthday is this week, so they went to celebrate. I know he would be gone all evening, so the kids and I packed up and headed over to mom and dad's house. They only live about 25 minutes away, thankfully! Originally we were just going to stay for dinner, but they invited us to stay the night, and I agreed since I knew it would be a lot easier that way. That evening "Puss and Boots" came on the tv and Caleb and I watched it. I ended up falling asleep in my dad's recliner and taking myself a nice little nap! I love that whenever I fall asleep over there, Mom lets me sleep. She must remember what it is like to have young kids running around, making you exhausted! ;) Mom made us dinner that night, and then we broke into some girlscout cookies she had frozen in the freezer outside. (caramel delights, my favorite!) Then she got some popcorn and took the kids to the living room to watch a disney movie, and I went upstairs to rest in bed and read some new magazines I had gotten in the mail. Mom let me sleep in the bedroom that used to be my childhood bedroom at one point, so that was neat. Mom took the kids into the other bedroom with her, but eventually Rachel came in there with me and laid down, so I didn't fight her! I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep alone, but I woke up to Rachel kicking me in the head (she was sleeping upside down!) Oh well, I guess I will miss that someday! Ha!
Saturday morning we got up and got everyone showers and dressed for the day. We got Brooke into her cheerleading uniform and Mom did her hair, since they had a football game that morning. Dad went out to Bojangles and picked us all some breakfast up to eat before we left. Then we met up with Arnold, his dad, and sister, and went to the football game. It was a HOME game this week, so we just had to go to the kids' own school, which was great. We got seats at the bottom, and got to see all the cheers they did. I got lots of pictures. They got to hold the banner for the football players to run through when they came out onto the field. They were going to do their big dance at halftime, but someone said that the cd player wasn't working and they couldn't play the CD they needed to do the dance! That really irritated me, I have been waiting forever to see them do that dance! Grrr! Anyway, the game went really well, and the weather was pretty nice. Thank goodness we weren't out there sweating like last week. And our guys won the game... a second week in a row! Go Royals!! :)
After the game we let the kids go home real quick and change clothes, then we went to get some lunch. And then we went to a Kid's Consingment sale they were having that weekend. I didn't think I was going to go this time, but I ended up having a little extra time on Sat.. plus Saturday, most stuff went half off, so that was the perfect time to go! I thought there wouldn't be much left, but I was surprised at what I found. I got 2 pairs of pants for Caleb, 3 Christmas dresses for Rachel (2 play dresses and 1 "fancy" dress), 3 books, and a halloween costume for Rachel! I was actually planning on getting her the owl costume that Old Navy has this year, but then I saw the butterfly costume hanging there. It was pink, Old Navy brand also, and only $5 (in great condition!) I asked Rachel "how about being a butterfly this year?!" And she was on board, so we bought it! I think she is going to be adorable in that! And how is that for saving money?! For all of that, I only paid $16 with tax.. not bad at all!
Saturday evening we lounged around the house and watched tv and movies with the kids, we didn't do much at all. We had some eggrolls for dinner. When we put the kids down to bed, Arnold and I watched "What to Expect when You're Expecting." I was afraid Arnold would give me a hard time about it being "dumb" or a "Chick Flick" but it turned out to be pretty funny, and he didn't mind it. There was one sad scene that brought back some bad memories from my own birth with Rachel, and it made us both pretty upset. But other than that, it was a great movie! I'd recommend it. I never thought i'd say this, but, I miss being pregnant!!!
Sunday morning we all got ready and went to church. Didn't have to work in the baby class this week, so we went to the 11am service. After church we picked up the kids from their classes and went to lunch. We went by Sonic.. that has sort of become a Sunday tradition for us. The kids always look foward to their slushies! And I got a LARGE CHERRY COKE.. oh my goodness, so yummy! I love eating the cherry on top first, too! We didn't get to eat outside this week though, because it was kind of nasty outside.. bummer. While we were eating in the car, I drove by my old highschool and let the kids see where I went to school.. they had been asking lately for some reason. It was cool to drive by and see things.. brought back a lot of memories! I even showed the kids where in the parking lot I parked my car when I started driving, lol. Then we went to do a little shopping. We stopped by the new Academy Sports that opened, but there were cars EVERYWHERE. They had promotional things going on, and bounce houses outside, so we didn't want to get into those crowds. I heard it was really nice, though! I wonder if they have any cheerleading stuff?
Anyway, then we went to Party City to look at the costumes, and let the kids pick out what they want to be this year. Brooke was trying to decide between a mermaid and Snow White, but then she saw a beautiful "Belle" costume, and said that's what she wants to be. Caleb was picking out all the "creepy" costumes and I said absolutely not. I don't mind us celebrating Halloween, but I don't allow any evil or scary costumes.. I'm just not into that at all. Anyway, he said he wants to be Batman this year. We will see if they actually stick to their choices in a few weeks when we go back to buy them! After that we went to Target. Yep.. do you really think I go to that area without visiting my favorite store?! There were a few things we needed like batteries, new vaccuum belts, and some more paper for the kids to draw on, because they have run out. While I was there I also found the Halloween LALALOOPSY they put out with this year's halloween stuff, so I just had to get it. I have gotten so into those dolls.. especially the minatures. I think I want to collect them more than Brooke! ;) While we were out, we also stopped by Goodwill. I love to go thrifting, it is my new thing. I love to find cool things for the home, or sometimes they even have really nice clothing, like Gymboree, for the kids. This week I was lucky enough to find a few things-- a brand new Sonoma brand (Kohls) frame, a big frame that I am going to spray paint a different color, 2 books for the kids, and a really nice shirt for Caleb. Then I looked through the adult books and found some for me, too. I found the first issue of the Harry Potter books! I got that baby to read.. yes I have NEVER read the Harry Potter books, I know it is crazy! I also found a book on Preschool discipline/behavior and "The Five People You meet in Heaven!" I have been wanting to read that one forever too, I love Mitch Album! And the most awesome thing-- when I got up to the register the woman rang up ALL my books at 50 cents each. That was only supposed to be kids' books. So I ended up getting a big discount, too :)
Anyway, by then we had been out until 4pm, and I know Arnold was being frustrated. He didn't even want to be out doing that much shopping in the first place, but by then the kids were worn out and getting pretty bratty and embarassing. So we headed home and started dinner. Arnold made some sloppy joes for us to eat, and I made brownies. I had been craving brownies for awhile, so I bought a mix while we were out. The kids were excited about getting them for dessert that night.. I don't bake alot... so ya know. They turned out pretty good! Rachel kept going back to the kitchen and sneaking more of them when we weren't looking, and I think she ended up eating 5 or 6 of them.. oops! At least she went to sleep that night!!
Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend as well!
Rachel passed out Friday night at her Grandparents' house

Saturday morning at the Football game

Arnold and Caleb watching the game

Arnold took this picture of the family watching the game. Funny how only Caleb and I are watching the camera and smiling! ;)

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  1. We had a bunch of Academy stores in Alabama. Our cheer squad always bought our shoes there. I would also get clothes for practice and stuff. You should check it out! Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I miss blogging! I haven't had much time lately :(