Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Pinteresting!

Here are some of my Pinterest finds this week that I am loving!! :)
I love this shirt. I know Arnold would probably not wear it, because he would be embarassed. But it's totally true-- he does make adorable babies! just not anymore :(

Love these "balloon" cupcakes. Just use dum dum pops for the balloons. 

For a cute baby shower gift, roll up diapers or other small items, place them inside a folded over baby blanket, then tie up and add a cute ribbon and tag! 

Love how they added the flowers to this lampshade! This would look good in my living room once we re-do it, like we are planning to.

Love the monograms of the girls' names on the wall beside their beds. Might have to do this in Brooke and Rachel's room. The wall beside Rachel's bed (bottom bunk) is so boring and plain!

Isn't this so true?! It sure is for my kids!

Love this outfit!!!!!!! The green and grey goes great together.

Love this family pic. Want to do this when we get our next professional pics done. We are having them done outside, for the first time ever!

Owl pumpkins!!!! I will have to try to make these this year. 

Scarves personalized with your letters! I love these. I love wearing cozy scarves in the Fall and winter time. I have a lot of them in my drawer waiting to be pulled out this year.

These are the cutest! little snowmen (and girls!) This would be cute to make for friends this year or the kids' classrooms, at Christmas time. You just wrap up Hershey bars in white paper, make the faces, tie around some cute ribbon and add a tag and the pom pom earmuffs! 

When I saw this, I knew we would have to try this for Caleb's room. We are re-doing his "big boy" room and probably going to go with superheros theme. Arnold is a pretty good artist, so he could probably easily draw this on a white lampshade.

And going along with the Superhero theme, how cute is this pic! I will have to grab some sidewalk chalk and try a pic like this with Caleb, before the warm weather goes away!

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