Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend in Review!

Saturday morning Brooke cheered at her first football game! She was up at 6:30 that morning, in our bedroom, already wearing her cheer uniform (at least the girl has dedication!) We all got ready, wearing our blue of course, to support the school! Then we drove to the game, which was away this week. It took us about 25 minutes to get there, and my parents followed. Thankfully both sets of Grandparents were able to come out and see Brooke at her first game, even though Arnold's parents experienced problems right away. They accidentally went to the WRONG school, paid to get in, and sat there awhile before they realized that was not the right team! Haha! At least they made it to the game to see most of it though. Anyway, it was soo hot outside and I was sweating 10 minutes in. I didn't think it would be that hot that early in the day. Brooke went out there with her squad and they got their pom poms, and did some cheers while the football players played their game. They were going to do a dance at halftime, but weren't quite ready yet, so they will try next game. After awhile the girls got pretty hot and bored so they were able to sit down and take a break for awhile. But when they were doing the cheers out there they looked SO cute! I got tons of pictures, of course. And good news-- our team won the game! Go Royals!!!! :)
That evening, the band Arnold is in was playing at a local country bar. The grandparents agreed to watch the kids so I could go out and see him! Arnold had to be down there for set up early on in the evening, so I got over 2 hours at home by myself, just to hang out, relax, and get ready. It was quiet and so nice! I listened to the radio while getting showered and dressed, then read some blogs online and watched some tv. Then finally around 8:30 that night I went to pick up my Sister-in-law because we were riding over there together. It felt strange not going out until that late.. I am a "lame" mom now and I never go out anywhere at night anymore, especially not that late! I was getting ready to have to pay $7 admission fee to the bar, but then found out that spouses of the band got in free.. how cool is that.. I have perks ;) We were able to talk to Arnold for awhile before he went on. They didn't go on until around 9:30. People started coming in, and they had a pretty good crowd. Two of my close friends came with their guys and kept me company that evening. It was SO much fun hanging out, kid-free! I was squished in the middle of all those couples, and it was fun except for when they would play slow songs and I didn't have anyone to dance with since hubby was on stage!
Meanwhile, Arnold's cousin's husband was buying everyone beers and shots.. so everyone was starting to get pretty happy and wild! I don't drink anymore, so I got some sundrop. I felt even lamer going to the bar to order SUNDROP, but what can I say.. it was still good! ;) And I bet some of those people were glad I wasn't drinking when they ended up needing a DD! Anyway, we had an awesome time. Eventually some of them convinced me to go down to the dance floor and dance with them! I think everyone was shocked to see me do that.. I don't usually like to draw attention to myself! The band did a great job.. you could really tell they had been practicing alot! Arnold even got to be upfront and sing one of the songs.. so that was really cool. I love my sexy musician ;) I thought I might get tired and have to go home before he did, but I ended up staying the entire time! Until 1:30 the next morning!!!! And it's a good thing I did, because Arnold needed a DD as well. When we got home he made himself something to eat, had a conversation with the cat, and was singing random songs (including the Star Spangled Banner) while I was trying to sleep! I don't think I ended up getting to sleep until 3:30 that morning!
Sunday morning we were dragging, needless to say! Probably Arnold more so than me! ;) I was so thankful that the kids were with the grandparents.. and we were able to sleep in until 10am!!!!! After we got dressed, we got something to eat, and went to pick up Arnold's car that he had left at the bar. Later that afternoon the kids were dropped back off at home. We took them out to the park.. they built a new one right down the road from us.. so convenient! They played on the playground and then we took a walk on the trail. I was able to get some really cute pictures of them in their new fall outfits, also. That evening we had some tacos for dinner, watched "Dinosaurs" on tv (they just added the show to Netflix!! I never remembered them having the occasional bad words in that show!!) And then we got the kids ready for bed.
This weekend was one of those crazy-busy ones where we were on the go the whole time. I love weekends like that though, it keeps me busy and happy! Hope everyone else had a great time, too! :)
The girls and I before leaving for the football game on Sat. morning

Brooke and her BFF Emma, at the game on Saturday

Cheering in the game!

Me with Chrissy and Jess at the bar on Sat night. I have known both of these girls for over 10 years now, and they are awesome friends! We had so much fun!! 

Sexy hubby playing with the band on Sat. night

One of the pics I took on Sunday. My beautiful 6 year old!

My silly 3-year old!

My sweet and loving 5-year old! I told him to look tough and he still smiled! :)

Playing on the new playground

Yes I decided to climb on the tree! I am a kid at heart! ;)

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