Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Girl Can Dream...

I have seen a few bloggers with lists of things they want to do/accomplish. Some have bucket lists, some have lists of things for fun... or whatever. I have a "30 Before 30 List" that I have written down. But lately I've been thinking of things I'd like to do.. some might be far-fetched or I might be too chicken to do them, but It's fun to think about anyway.. so here is my *latest* list of things...

***Attend a Birth. Wouldn't that be cool? I have given birth 4 times but never actually seen one and been "there" to totally experience it. I wonder which of my lovely friends would be comfortable enough for me to share in that? Start thinking now ladies! ha!

***Wait all morning at Black Friday & Score an awesome deal. I have been Black Friday shopping. ONE time. I waited with my sister-in-law at a few places, and didn't even end up with much at all. I just went for fun basically. Not cool. It was freezing and I had a bad experience. But one of these days I'd love to actually plan ahead and go get that one item with the "wow factor" that either the kids or Arnold are wanting, and surprise them with it :)

***Cook Christmas Dinner. Now, this is actually *hopefully* going to happen this year! I have started cooking more and mom has been teaching me some things. Also, Pinterest has become my best friend at finding recipes and entertaining ideas. We usually do our Christmas get-together on Christmas eve, so that leaves Christmas evening open. I am hoping to have Arnold's parents and sister over that evening if all works out. Wish me luck!

***Deep Clean House. I mean to the point where there is NO clutter left. Nothing. The old clothes and toys are donated. All trash and broken items are out of here. If it's not "useful" or "beautiful" it will not be in this house. I want to re-claim my home!!

***Take a gun safety class. Learn how to use and respect a gun. I actually am deathly terrified of guns, but I know that is not healthy. And eventually Arnold wants us to own one, for our own defense. Can you tell we are big Conservatives??? Ha.

***Tattoo on my wrist. Now this is one of the most far-fetched on the list. I saw the cutest tattoo online of a little owl. If I got one, it would probably be on my wrist. It would be small and able to see, but not so "flashy" that it looked "trashy." And it would be black.. no colors for me!

***Get a Massage. Can you believe I've never had one? I mean a real one at a Spa? My mom actually got me a giftcard a long time ago for one, and I never was able to find a time to go. I heard the GC doesn't expire, so I need to get my butt over there! I have SO much tension in my neck and shoulders it's crazy.

***Mow the Grass Once, for Arnold. Arnold takes care of all the yardwork. I am just not that type of girl. That may make me look spoiled. But I mowed ONCE when I was a teen living at home, and I made a big ol mess of the yard. I am just not that focused and precise. Call me lazy. Call me ditzy. i don't know. I just don't like it!

***Buy something off Etsy. So simple.. yet I want to do it. They have some TALENTED sellers on there! They make absolutely everything you can imagine, and more. Sometimes the prices are a little steep, but it's worth it to get unique items with that homeade touch. I specifically want crochet hats for the kids.. maybe Brobee for Rachel, Hello kitty for Brooke, and a monster for Caleb!

***Learn to Play Piano. this has always been a dream of mine. But I honestly think this ship has sailed. Don't they say the older you get the harder it is to pick up a musical instrument? Oh well.

***Dye my Hair-- I have never, ever dyed my hair a different color. I am serious. The most I have ever gotten done are some blonde highlights in the summer. I am very weary of change, and like things the way they are. But I think it would be cool to dye it a pretty auburn red color.. IF I could even pull that off. Think: Julianne Moore. What do yall think?

***Adopt a Puppy. Yes we already have 2 dogs we adopted a few years ago. Big dogs that live outside. But one day down the road when we are more finanically stable (we already have a lot of living things to supprt as it is!!!) I want to adopt a puppy! Actually my dream would be to get a puppy with a big red bow at Christmas like you see on movies, but I know Arnold would never do that for me :( I want a dachshund! I grew up with weenie dogs and love them!! :)

So there is my list! What do yall think? Are these things do-able? What would be on your list if you made one???? I want to know!


  1. Great list...go for it! :-). Today on my list is taking a nap! ;-).