Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that Brooke read a whole book to me yesterday, all by herself. I only had to help her with a few words. She is getting so good at it! She brought home Go, Dog, Go! from the school library. It took a little while to read it all, but she didn't give up. And that along with the
other books she picked, took up 30 minutes of reading time for our school log!

~I'm loving that I finished "Bloom" in just a day. I read and read, and even read during Brooke's cheerleading practice the other night. A friend even let me borrow her chair she had brought out while she went walking laps (yeah I gave up walking this week to read!) It was really good, just like i had expected. I have started following Kelle Hampton on Facebook now.. I just can't get enough of her story, and the sweet pics of her kids!

~I'm loving that it's finally time for premieres of shows! One of the great things about September. I am anxiously waiting a few of my favorites.. but last night I tried out a few new ones. "Go On" with Matthew Perry and "The New Normal." Last night's Go On wasn't as good as the preview show they aired, but it might have potential. I haven't decided how I feel yet about "The New Normal." I am really waiting for the premieres of "Big Bang Theory" and "Glee" on Thurs night! Which reminds me-- What in the world am I going to do now that they are now on the same night?! That is just cruel!

~I'm loving that they recently put the seasons of "Everybody Loves Raymond" on Netflix! Just another show to watch and waste my time. I remember watching that show as a kid at home with my parents, at the dinner table or after dinner. It's a classic. It's funny starting at the beginning and laughing at everyone's wardrobes and hairstyles back in the 90's.

~I'm loving that I got some cute pics of the kids the other day at a new local park. It is literally just 3 minutes up the road, and a nice little park. I even took Rachel back the other morning after we finished running some errands. That early in the morning we had the place all to ourselves! I can't wait to take some friends there for a picnic one day.

~I'm loving that last night was the first meeting of the year for Girl Scouts. Brooke is a Daisy scout again this year (next year she will become a Brownie!) She loves it, especially since her Aunt Jenn is the troop leader. Last night we found out that in November the troop is traveling to go see Disney on Ice! Brooke will flip out I'm sure, when she sees the Princesses come out! Now I just have to decide if I want to go along, too!

~I'm loving my Mama this week. Plain and simple. I mean, of course I always love her. But lately she has really been there for me, and I feel particularly thankful. Even as an adult, I still need her to be there to catch me when I fall, and make everything better. I hope one day I am half the Mom she is, to my kids. I want them to have fond memories of me.

~I'm loving that this week is "Grandparents week" at school, and the kids can have their grandparents come in and have lunch with them. My father-in-law went in yesterday to have lunch with Brooke. She was so happy. She said he sat with her and opened all the things in her lunchbox for her. At the end of lunch they were taking pictures, and they took one of Brooke and Paw. We heard it is going to be in a local newspaper soon, how cool! My mom is going to see Caleb for his day, on Friday.. since she is off work on Fridays.

~I'm loving that tomorrow is payday. Stretching money for 2 weeks is really tough.. I am not all that great at budgeting, but I do try!

~I'm loving that the school bookfair starts this Friday and goes though next week! I love the bookfair! It brings back such great memories from when I was a kid. And I still get a thrill when i walk into the library and see the shelves and shelves of nice, new, crisp books! I love going in and picking out a few new for the kids' collections. And of course my mom always goes with me and buys some for them, as well.

~I'm loving that the football game this weekend is a HOME game. We only have to drive right up the road to be at the Elementary school. Maybe more friends will be able to make it out this time to see Brooke. And they are doing their big dance during halftime this week. I am excited to see it, they have been working so hard on it!

~I'm loving that we managed to get the kids to school on time today, even though we woke up SUPER late. I mean we jumped out of beds like ninjas when we saw the time on the clock! We were yelling at the kids to get out of bed, helping them tie their shoes, throwing things into their lunchboxes, and getting them out the door. I think we did everything in 15 mintutes.. that was impressive. I felt like such a bad mom because they hadn't eaten breakfast... so on the way out the door I dumped animal crackers in Brooke and Caleb's hands. Hey, it works, right?! And yes they made it on time, barely! Arnold and I high-fived over that one later ;)


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  3. I found you from the Southern Mama's blog hop! I am glad to find out about the book, Bloom. I just read the preview on Amazon. It sounds amazing!!!

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