Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I was a "Lucky One!" ;)

I did something kind-of crazy last week. I waited in line for 2 hours to meet Nicholas Sparks. Most of you know who I am talking about.. the writer who writes "romance" novels that women fall in love with. He is most famous for "The Notebook." And lots of his books are turned into movies. His latest one being "The Lucky One" that just came out on dvd, I think. Anyway, I have been reading his books forever. I am a romantic at heart, and love each story, how it pulls me in and has me longing for the kind of love these characters experience in these fiction tales. I always find myself saying "damn you, Nicholas" when reading one of his books, because there is always a tragedy, and you are guaranteed you will find yourself crying at some point (if not sobbing!) His latest book "The Best of Me" was fantastic.. and there was a twist at the very end, so It has me intrigued right up the very end. Now that is good writing!
Anyway, back to my original story... I heard from several people that he would be making an appearance at our local library on the 7th. He would be there from 4-5:30, doing book signings. You were allowed to bring two of your favorite books, or purchase books of his at the library. Later that evening he would be at a local college doing a "Public Talk" and "Question and Answer" session. So right after I found out about this, I was on facebook with my friend Jackie, who is another Nicholas lover, and we were making plans to go. We figured if we showed up a little early, we would be ok. We had no idea that everyone and their brother would show up for this! Some men were there with their wives/girlfriends (now that is true love right there! Arnold would never stand with me through all that mess!) And I even saw some pregnant women and some newborn babies. To each their own, I guess! 
We showed up about 15 minutes early and after taking 4 trips around the block to just find a place to park, I finally met up with Jackie and got into line. The line wrapped all the way out of the library, down the sidewalk, around the curb, and down to the local science center, which is behind it. Did I mention that it was miserably HOT on this afternoon? I mean to the point where for a second I considered giving up and going home. I was sweating so bad by the time we got in the building that I jumped out of line for a minute, went into the bathroom, and tried to wipe myself down with toilet paper. It was gross. It was not attracive! It was like black Friday without the chill and toy deals!

After forever we finally moved.. about a FOOT! The funny thing about this experience is that there were SO many different kinds of women in line, and they were all talking about all different kinds of things. I heard the women behind us talking about everything from house fires, to kids, to books they have read. When they started in on "The Hunger Games" and "50 Shades of Grey" I felt right at home with them. I loved being with fellow book lovers like myself! Nerds unite! :)

After about 2 hours this was finally my view. And even this was zoomed in on my camera. I kept jumping up and looking around for him.. that is one time when being tall helps you out ;) I don't know what it is about me that gets me so darn excited about things. But my heart was seriously having palpatations when we got inside. Yes, I was that girl. I was that excited.
This is one of my best friends, Jackie, and I, waiting inside the library. Waiting for our turn to get up to N.S. We were a little happier because we were in air conditioning now and cooling off somehwat.
Had to chuckle when I saw this Hunger Games poster on the wall while we were waiting. A little eye candy while we waited?! Haha! I think they are both pretty sexy, but I am definitely Team Peeta!

I kept trying to get pics of Nicholas in between people getting their books signed. Usually people's head or body got in the way, but I finally got this shot of him. He is smiling because he is taking a picture with a girl. He has the most adorable smile! I always took him for a very kind person. I have heard rumors that people who actually know him don't like him that well, but let's just pretend that isn't true.. I wan't to keep my fantasy alive! :)

I finally got up to the table (at 5:30.. right before he was scheduled to leave!!) and got my picture with him! By then they were rushing us, so I had to get the pic very quickly. As you see, this lady stepped in front of the camera, without knowing. I didn't really have time to get another shot, so I just left it be. I wanted to say something to Nic but was too embarassed. I just ended up saying "Thanks for signing my book" but I don't think he even heard me! oh well! 
This is a pic Jackie took of him signing her book. I didn't even think to take a pic like this! But to be fair, my book is right beside her's so it made it in the picture.. that is kind of cool ;) He signed a LOT of books that day.. I wonder if his hand was getting tired?!
Outside the library, right after I got my book signed. I took my very favorite book he has written so far "The Lucky One." So it is now on my shelf, as a cool momento of that crazy but fun day!


  1. Did anyone ask him why he likes to kill off a main character in every book? LOL

  2. Did you cry at your first NKOTB concert too? Just kidding. I love Nicholas Sparks too. I can't even pick a favorite. I sobbed during Bridges of Madison County, Message in a Bottle...I could go on, but you get the point. I'm a new follower from the Southern Mama's Hop. Jump on over to my funny farm at graceful-disaster.blogspot.com.