Monday, September 3, 2012

September Plans & Goals!

Looks like this month is going to be an awesome one, filled with lots of things to do and lots of time with family and friends! I am looking forward to it all! Happy September! :)
This Thurs. night, Nicholas Sparks is coming to our local library for a book signing. Me and some friends will be there for sure! I am taking my copy of "The Lucky One" for him to sign. It's one of my favorites that he has written. I am hoping to get a picture with him, too. Hope i don't clam up and stutter when I get up to him! Then we will probably go out to dinner together after. It should be an awesome night ;)

This month our church is having a weekend Women's conference. They have 2 days of seminars, talks, lessons, fellowship, etc. It sounds like it will be really awesome and inspiring. I already found out I can't go to the 2nd day of it but I might still go to the 1st night. A good friend of mine is supposed to go, too. 

Brooke's 1st Football game is this month! She will be with the cheerleaders out there on the field. They have learned a lot of cheers in the past few weeks. They are also learning a dance to do at the beginning or end, or something like that. It is a little more advanced, and since Brooke doesn't have any experience yet she is a little nervous. They get their uniforms tomorrow night actually, at practice. I can't wait to see them out there! You guys know there will be lots of pics! They even have matching bloomers and hairbows-- how adorable!!! :)

Sept is finally here, and that means that the band that my husband is in is playing at the local country bar. They play there occasionally, but I have never gotten to see them there. A lot of family members and some of my girl friends are going too, so it should be a fun girls' night out. I always get excited seeing Arnold play out in public.. it's pretty sexy ;) They are in for a long night though.. playing from around 8pm to around 12 or 1 am. So I might not be staying the whole time with him.. we will see how tired I am that night, ha! Thanks to the grandparents for watching the kids while we are both out all night!

Both my dad AND my father-in-law have birthdays in September, and both are turning 61 this year. My dad is still denying he is that old.. he doesn't like me to bring it up ;) Anyway, I look forward to celebrating with them. Arnold is actually going to a Brad Paisley concert with his dad later in the month, as part of his bday celebration. And I hope to go see my dad that same night, to have dinner with him or whatever else we have planned. 

There is a local kids' consignment sale going on later this month. I have been before and sometimes found great stuff, and sometimes not.. just depends on who is selling and when you go. It is worth a look though. I have found some ADORABLE outfits for the kids before, for very cheap. I have a hard time paying full-price for kids' outfits now, after discovering things like consignment sales and ebay! 

Need to plan a girls' night sometime soon. Get out, have dinner, and whatever else we can find to do. One of my good friends just found out her husband is starting a new work schedule, and it will be easier from now on for her to get out with us. That alone is a reason to celebrate, right?! :) :)

Brooke is going to camp for the Girl Scout camporee, later in the month. They are staying from Fri night to Sunday. I hope she does well, she says she is nervous about going away that long. She did it last year, but not for quite as long. I know she will have fun, though. I did a lot of scout camping when I was growing up, so it brings back memories. Smores anyone?!

I NEED the new Matchbox 20 cd that comes out this month! I have been singing "She's so Mean" over and over in my head, it is so catchy! The cd actually comes out tomorrow, but I'm not sure when I will actually get it. They have it on sale this week at Target though... ;)

I am now Newton-Conover highschool alumni, and their homecoming is coming up at the end of the month! Usually the homecoming is in Oct, but it is early this year for some reason. I am planning to go that night with some friends that also went to school there. We were thinking about taking the families at first, but now we will probably just go alone. Will probably be easier and more fun that way ;) I wonder who we will run into while we are there. I know it is silly, but I always try to make myself look as good I can before I go back to places where I know I will see people from highschool! 

Time for some Fall decorating! Yay! I love this time of year. All the pretty colors and leaves. I saw some of the CUTEST things at the store the other day.. another great thing about Fall is all the OWL stuff you can find this time of year. And yall know how I love my owls! I might have to get more to add to my ever-growing collection! :) And with Pinterest, it is easier than ever to find ideas to use now! 

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