Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

~I'm loving that we had heating oil delivered yesterday. It is starting to feel really chilly in the mornings and evenings around here!

~I'm loving all the new shows that have come out this season, and that I am getting to try out. I tried "Ben and Kate" and "The Mindy Project" last night. It is still a little too early to tell if I love the shows enough to watch them regularly, but they were pretty good.

~I'm loving that Brooke's girlscout troop has officially started their Fall nut and magazine sales. Speaking of-- anyone want to buy any?! ;) This year they came out with "peanut butter bears" and they look delicious! I know I will be trying them! I am mad however, that they didn't have honey-roasted nuts this time?! What is up with that?! I ALWAYS order them!

~I'm loving "Harry Potter" so far. Yeah I know I am waaay behind the times. But I eventually get around to reading all the "big" books, even if just to see what the hype was all about!

~I'm loving that Brooke's teacher sent home the October flyer for Scholastic books. Every month they feature different kids' books you can order at great prices. Great, just one more thing to suck up my money! I saw so many books in there I wanted to get the kids!

~I'm loving that we all sat down as a family last night and actually had a nice, leisurely dinner together. We had spaghetti and meatballs, and salad. We even all helped out in the kitchen before-hand. Arnold chopped up sweet peppers to add to our salad. I am lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind helping cooking!

~I'm loving that tomorrow is pay day! Enough said!

~I'm loving that tonight are the season premieres of "The Middle" and "Modern Family." Both are hilarious shows that Arnold and I have to watch every time they come on. And I can't believe they are making Gloria pregnant. But you know I'm all for it since I loooove me some babies ;)

~I'm loving Sour Patch "watermelons" candy. They are sooo yummy. Ate way too many last night while I was watching tv.

~I'm loving that we are on the countdown now for Christmas. As of yesterday, only 3 months! Isn't that crazy?! I LOVE that time of year! I can't wait to start buying gifts for everyone, decorating the house, setting up the tree... ahh! I know I am getting ahead of myself. But I can't help it :)

~I'm loving that I have to dress Brooke up on Friday as a Librarian. They are doing "community workers" day. What exactly does a librarian even look like?! I know they aren't all old, but when I picture one, I see someone with her hair up in a bun, glasses, a sweater... it should be fun to dress Brooke up. She told me she wants to wear her dress-up high heels too, haha.

~I'm loving that Justin Bieber wrote a book. Is that sad?! Brooke has been begging for it ever since she saw it at the School Book Fair. I looked it up on Amazon and it says for ages 8 and up. Arnold says I could get it and read it to her, haha!

~I'm loving that Friday night I am going out with the girls! A few of us are going to our highschool's homecoming game. I can't wait to see everyone, and also be back at our old stomping grounds. Who knows who all we will run into? Plus the food they have at the concession stands is pretty good too...

~I'm loving that I got to break out my favorite hoodie to wear yesterday! It was actually pretty cool outside! I like the cool weather as long as it's not TOO cold where I am uncomfortable.

~I'm loving how easy it is to make Rachel happy. I brought her home a new sippy cup last night, with Dora on it. She got all excited and just had to have a drink in it right away :)

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