Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend in Review!

Friday I met up with a friend of mine and her daughter, at Chuck E Cheese. She had asked if Rachel and I wanted to join her there, and have a playdate. I knew Rachel would be thrilled, so I kept it a surprise as long as I could. We don't get to go there very often, because it gets really expensive taking 3 kids there, by the time you add up tokens, food, and all that. I found a coupon online that included 30 tokens, pizza, and 2 drinks for $19, and then they asked me if I wanted to upgrade Rachel's cup to a special "Chuck E" cup for another $1.50. I'd usually say no, but it was so cute, and a special occasion, so I let her get one. Then we took our tokens and played all sorts of games and let her ride on the rides. She loves the merry go round, and wanted to ride that over and over. A little girl who was so sweet kept putting tokens in the machine so they could ride over and over again, and she let Rachel stay on there with her :) We ordered a pepperoni pizza for lunch and shared it. They have the best pizza there, does anyone else agree?! I got the salad bar because I had a coupon for that, too, but it wasn't even worth it.. it was nasty! Anyway, after we ran out of tokens, Rachel cashed her tickets in. She had 82.. not bad for a 3 year old, but Mommy did help some ;) I took her to the prize counter, and she badly wanted to get a rubber spider (don't ask me why!) But I persuaded her to get Sweettarts, and she had enough to get 8 packs of them, so that made her happy :) Before we left I tried to get her to go play in the playarea with all the tunnels for awhile, but she seemed scared. Finally she climbed up into the first part, got really scared, and screamed at me.. I had to go in there after her! Trying to squeeze myself up into that tube was not pretty.... ha! I'm pretty sure a lot of the moms there thought I was crazy!
Friday night Brooke and Caleb went to spend the night with my parents. Arnold and I asked his parents if they would take Rachel so we could get a little bit of time for ourselves. Once we dropped her off, we tried to decide what to do. We wanted to go to the movies, but there wasn't a good time for the one we really wanted to see. So we went down the road and grabbed some dinner at..... Subway! Ok I will tell yall right now that our date consisted of Subway, a trip through the car wash, Mighty Dollar, and Walgreens. Yep, my husband is SUPER romantic!!!! ;) To be fair though, there were a few things I wanted to get done. And any trip out without the kids is some form of rest. (Moms I know you agree with me!!!) So we ate at Subway and I got my usual egg and cheese sub. Then we went through the carwash. Arnold did kiss me in the middle of it when the car was all sudsed up, so I guess that was pretty nice of him ;) Then we went to get a few things we needed (and a few we didn't need!) I was in Walgreens just for the awesome deal this week on detergent, but the crazy couponers had already wiped the shelfs out. So I instead left with a bag of the candy corn PUMPKINS! MMMMMM! I love this time of year... especially for the yummy candy. Yes I went through the checkout line just for that, but it was totally worth it ;) Now we did end up renting a movie from Redbox and went home and watched it when we put Rachel to bed. We got "21 Jump Street" and it was sooo good. So funny and very entertaining, which I was happy about because I didn't think I would like it at all. And I still have a hard time getting into Channing Tatum because of my brother (my younger brother favors him-- ask my friends!) And after a movie with him in it, I just want to call my brother and see how he is doing, because it reminds me so much of him! Ha!
Saturday morning we actually got to sleep in. Well slept till around 8am, which is considered sleeping in if you are a parent who is used to being woken up around 6-something! Rachel came into the bed with me when she woke up and laid down for a little bit longer. We got ready and went to pick up the kids a little later that morning. Brooke had spilled orange juice all over her shorts, so we had to take her out with sticky pants.. gross. We went to a friend's house for her daughter's 5th birthday party. The kids played outside the whole time and I totally forgot that they were having a slip and slide out there, and guess who's kids didn't have bathing suits?! And guess who's kids decided to jump on in when their Daddy was turned around and wasn't looking?! So we ended up going home with 3 soaked kids. But at least they had a good time. There was lots of yummy food. And us girls got to hang around and talk in the kitchen for awhile, while the dads watched the kids outside. Arnold even helped whack open the cupcake pinata at the end of the party, because it was too tough for the kids to get open :)
This morning we all got up early and went to church at 9am because I had the baby classroom at church! Got to see my little Sprouts! (new classroom name ;) Arnold didn't want to stay in the baby class with me (imagine that.. he says he gets enough of that stuff at home.. ha!) So while I was in there he went to Tractor Supply Company. Yep. Just to look around. Then he said he went to Barnes and Noble to look at the magazines. He went to B&N without me! How dare he! But anyway, I had a great morning with my little Sprouts. I got to rock baby Claire and feed her her bottle. Might have snuggled up with her and made her sit with me a little longer than she would have liked, because I needed my baby time ;) Then we went down to church for the 11am service. Our friends Ray and Kelly moved to a new church because they are moving next month, and this was their first Sunday not there with us. It was sad because I didnt' get my Ray hug after church!!! It is not the same when friends move away.. please don't take your friends for granted!!! Let them know what they mean to you.. just sayin! ;)
After church we went to grab some lunch at Sonic. Who else loves that place? Man do I love their tator tots (their GREASY tator tots) and their ice they use in their drinks!!! The kids love going there and getting slushies. We always end up placing the longest order ever, because all the kids end up wanting different things and diff. flavors of slushies. Today they tried blue coconut, grape, and green apple. I just had a sweet tea today as my drink ;) Anyway, after we ate we went into Big Lots which is right down the street. I always like to go in and look at their books, because sometimes they have some great books for really cheap. We also like to look at their furniture while we are there. We are wanting to get a new recliner when we get tax money. Nothing wrong with looking at Big Lots, right?! They still have some nice stuff there. I also asked a cashier while we were there "WHERE are the candy corn pumpkins?!" And she told me they didn't have them out yet. Seriously?!?! I needed another bag. Yeah, the bag from Friday night is already gone. To be fair, the kids DID help me eat them ;)
That afternoon we went to a family birthday party. Arnold's 2nd cousin was turning 12. They have a new house and a pool, so we all went out to their house to hang out. I was secretly wishing it would storm (I know, bad mommy!) because I didn't want to sit outside in that heat! But the kids had a blast swimming and playing with their Grandparents. Rachel even came up to me and dumped a cup of water on my pants, so I ended up going home soaked, too. Even though I had not planned on doing any swimming or getting wet! (I am the weird one that doesn't like swimming.. I know!) Towards the end of the party it DID start pouring down rain. The kids begged to stay out and play in it.. as we were trying to get them dryed off to go home. While we were there, we had some amazing icecream cake! Man, icecream cake is the best.. I don't care who you are.. you have to agree with me on that! ;)
Tonight Arnold had a band practice.. an extra one actually. They have a show coming up on Sat night, so I guess they had to get extra time in! So I got the kids ready for bed and they were down an hour ago.. that is how I am getting to write this blog now!!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Happy Labor Day tomorrow!!!! :)

Loved this pic I got of Rachel at Chuck E Cheese. Can't you see the pure joy on her face?! She was riding the merry go round, of course!

Natalie and I hanging out at Chuck E Cheese, like a bunch of moms!!!!! ;)

Rachel with her special Chuck E Cup. She I picked the green one, since that is my favorite color :)

Brooke eating pizza at Camryn's birthday party

Rachel hanging out with her best buddy Kenzie at the party

Caleb got his hair cut off this weekend, too! Isn't he a cutie?! :)

I got to snuggle my friend's sweet baby boy this weekend! He is only about a month old, and the sweetest thing EVER! Ahhhh! :)

He woke up while I was holding him, so I talked to him a little bit. This is baby LIAM. Isn't he adorable? I just love the sweet boy :)

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